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Pyro is a StealthBot developer and forum administrator.


Old Forums

Current Forums

Piracy @ USEast


Straight to the Top!

Pyro joined the StealthBot forums as 'PyroManiac606' on February 23, 2007. After a few months of lurking, he began posting in the Tech Support forums. He was promoted to a Beta Tester on July 30, 2007 and after providing support to users for several months was promoted to a tech support moderator on November 3, 2007. As a moderator, Pyro was allowed to become a StealthBot Technician (he was denied earlier for unknown reasons). Two months later on January 21, 2008 he was promoted to a global moderator where he was given leadership of Clan SBs following the resignation of Berzerker. Eventually, after a lack of activity from the Administrative Team, Pyro was promoted to an administrator on April 21, 2009.

In July of 2007, Pyro started hosting his own JBLS server from his home connection. Once he became a site moderator, his server was added to the official list of servers. The server was known for its reliability compared to the other available servers and quickly gained popularity. In 2009, allegations arose that the server may have been modified to secretly record the CD keys and passwords of users connecting to it. While no conclusive evidence was ever presented, the server was removed from the official list. It is currently one of the only remaining active JBLS servers.

2009 Site Migration

In late 2009, during the transition phase to the new forum software, a minor corruption in the old forum's database rendered the entire site inaccessible. The main URL was eventually redirected to point towards the new forum and it was brought into production ahead of schedule. During this time, Pyro took the lead in setting up the new forum structure as well as handling user permissions with the transfer.

Current Activities

Currently, Pyro is still hosting a JBLS server as well as occasionally providing support on the forums to some of the few people who still need it. As the only remaining active forum administrator, he is also handling all of the requests and issues that come in from that end.

Pyro is part of the official development team; but, since the bot was made open source, he has not made any contributions towards its development.

Pyro occasionally contributes to the wiki (mainly when he is bored) in the form of long articles of information that nobody will ever read.