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The Event_ServerInfo scripting event occurs when the bot receives a blue (or yellow on StarCraft) server information message from Battle.net.


Sub Event_ServerInfo(Message)
    ' ...
End Sub


  • Message is a string containing the Battle.net server information message.

This Event is Fired When

  • A user is kicked from a channel.
  • A user is banned from a channel.
  • Per-channel announcements ("This channel does not have chat privileges").
  • Responses to Battle.net /commands.

This Event is Not Fired When

  • The clan's Motd is displayed when joining the bot's clan.
  • The account info is displayed during log on and as a response to the internal accountinfo command.
  • The welcome to Battle.net message is displayed.
  • A clan-related was successful.
  • Server errors occur. See the Event_ServerError() event for those!


Repeats information messages to channel.

' occurs on Battle.net information messages
Sub Event_ServerInfo(Message)
    AddQ "The server said: " & Message
End Sub

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