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The Event_ServerError scripting event occurs when the bot receives a red (or yellow on StarCraft) server error message from Battle.net.

This event is often used to deal with the response to a Battle.net /command (issued with the AddQ function).


The ServerError event was added in StealthBot version 2.4.

In version 2.7, ServerError was changed to fire when the bot disconnects.


Sub Event_ServerError(Message)
    ' ...
End Sub


  • Message is a string containing the Battle.net server error message.

This Event is Fired When

  • An executed Battle.net /command failed.
  • The bot is disconnected or loses connection (Message = "All connections closed.").

This Event is Not Fired When

  • A clan-related action failed.


Repeats error messages to channel.

' occurs on Battle.net error messages
Sub Event_ServerError(Message)
    AddQ "Battle.net Error: " & Message
End Sub

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