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The Command() Script Support Class subroutine allows you to execute internal commands.


The command subroutine was added with the script system. Attempts have been made to make it return a string of what it sent. In version 2.7, IsLocal was made optional and Whispered was created as an optional parameter.


'// Calls StealthBot's command processor
'// Messages passed to the processor will be evaluated as commands
'// Public Function Commands(ByRef dbAccess As udtGetAccessResponse, Username As String, _
'//     Message As String, InBot As Boolean) As String

'// RETURNS: The response string, or an empty string if there is no response

'// Detailed description of each variable:
'// dbAccess    is assembled below. It consists of the speaker username's access within the bot.
'//             For scripting purposes, this module will assemble dbAccess by calling GetAccess() on
'//             the username you specify.
'// Username    is the speaker's username (the username of the person using the command.)
'// Message     is the raw command message from If the user says ".say test", the raw
'//             command message is ".say test". This is the method by which you should call the commands.
'// InBot       defines whether or not the command has been issued from inside the bot. If it has,
'//             the trigger is temporarily changed to "/". Basically, for scripting purposes you can
'//             use it to control whether or not your command responses display publicly.
Public Sub Command(ByVal Username As String, ByVal Message As String, Optional ByVal IsLocal As Boolean = _
    False, Optional ByVal Whispered As Boolean = False)
    ' execute command
    Call ProcessCommand(Username, Message, IsLocal, Whispered)
End Sub


This subroutine is called to process a message to execute a bot command.

After calling, the bot will send the response directly to if there is one. Instead use CommandEx() to intercept the command response.


Command Username, Message, [IsLocal], [Whispered]


  • Username is the name of the user who is executing the command.
  • Message is the message that is being processed.
  • IsLocal is an optional boolean that if set will process the command as if from in-bot.
  • Whispered is an optional boolean that if set will process the command as if from a whisper.


  • Add people to the database.
  • Command BotVars.Username, "/add " & Username & " 60 S", True

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