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The ClanMember object exposes your bot's clan members to you. You may want to use these, for example, to find information on current members of the clan.


This object was added in StealthBot version 2.7 by Eric to create an object-oriented experience in scripting.

How to use

Example: Get the value of a property of the specified clan member.

Value = Clan.GetUser("Username").Property

Example: Call a method of the specified clan member.

Call Clan.GetUser("Username").Method()


List of properties

Name property

Returns the name of the clan member.

DisplayName property

Returns the display name of the clan member.

Rank property

Returns the numerical clan rank of the member.

  • 0 = Peon (7-day probation period)
  • 1 = Peon
  • 2 = Grunt
  • 3 = Shaman
  • 4 = Chieftain

RankName property

Returns the rank name of the clan member.

JoinTime property

Currently defunct. Returns the clan member's join time for the clan.

Status property

Returns the numerical status of the clan member.

  • 0 = Offline
  • 1 = Online

IsOnline property

Returns True if the clan member is currently online, otherwise False.

Location property

Currently defunct. Returns the location of the user.


List of methods

MakeChieftain method

Makes the member the Chieftain of the clan.

Promote method

Promotes the member.

Demote method

Demotes the member.

Kickout method

Removes the member from the clan.

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