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The C_Dec() Script Support Class function allows you to cast a value to a Visual Basic 6 Decimal variable type.


The C_Dec function was added to StealthBot for version 2.7 by request of [[Imhotep[Nu]]].


'// CDEC
'// Typecasts a VBS variant to the vbDecimal datatype
'//  By request from Imhotep[Nu]
Public Sub C_Dec(ByRef vToCast As Variant)
    vToCast = CDec(vToCast)
End Sub


Casts a value to the VB6 Decimal equivalent.


Dim Value
Value = ... ' assign Value to something
C_Dec Value


  • vToCast is the variable that will be casted. After the function completes, the variable will store the value of the argument as a Visual Basic 6 Decimal type. (VarType() will return 14).


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