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The BanKickUnban() SSC function allows scripters to ban, kick, or unban using StealthBot's internal checks.


The BanKickUnban function was added to StealthBot with the addition of the Scripting system.


'// Returns a string corresponding to the success or failure of a ban attempt.
'// Responses should be directly queued using AddQ().
'// Example response strings:
'//     That user is safelisted.
'//     The bot does not have ops.
'//     /ban thePerson Your mother!

'// Variable descriptions:
'// INPT    - Contains the username of the person followed by any extension to it, such as ban message
'//         - Examples: "thePerson Your Mother has a very extremely unequivocally long ban message!"
'//         -           "thePerson"
'//         -           "thePerson Short ban message

'// SPEAKERACCESS   contains the access of the person attempting to ban/kick. This is not applied in
'//                 unban situations.
'//                 In Kick and Ban situations, the target's access must be less than or equal to
'//                 this value -- use it to control inherent safelisting (ie all users with > 20 access
'//                 are not affected by it)

'// MODE        contains the purpose of the subroutine call. The same routine is used to ban, kick and
'//             unban users, so make that choice when calling it.
'//             Ban = 0; Kick = 1; Unban = 2. Any other value will cause the function to die a horrible
'//             death. (not really, it just won't do anything.)
Public Function BanKickUnban(ByVal Inpt As String, ByVal SpeakerAccess As Integer, _
    Optional ByVal Mode As BanTypes = 0) As String

    BanKickUnban = Ban(Inpt, SpeakerAccess, CByte(Mode))

End Function


This function can be used to ban, kick, or unban a user.


Response = BanKickUnban(Inpt, SpeakerAccess, [Mode])


  • Inpt is the name of the user, or the name of the user with a reason, separated by a space.
  • SpeakerAccess is the numeric rank of the speaker's action. If it is less than the user who is being banned or kicked, this function will fail.
  • Mode is an integer you provide to choose which action to execute.
    • 0 = ban the user with the reason.
    • 1 = kick the user with the reason.
    • 2 = unban the user.


This function will return a string that you normally send to Battle.net as a response to the ban, kick, or unban action. It is the "/ban", "/kick", or "/unban" command, or an "Error: error message" message.


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