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BNLS, or Login Server, was a service developed by Yoni and Skywing of vL. The service allowed bots to connect to without having to keep a local copy of the hashing files. It also facilitated with other complex calculations required to connect to


No data available.

Third Party Implementations

After the disappearance of the official server, several third party implementations were developed. These implementations functioned exactly like the original, allowing a seamless change-over to the new servers.

  • JBLS - the most commonly used replacement, originally developed in Java by The-FooL and taken over by Hdx.
  • BNLS# - a newer implementation in C#.Net written by Ribose.

Non-standard Functions

Some third party BNLS implementations have added more features that were not part of the original BNLS protocol. These functions include an IP ban packet and Warden handling. StealthBot does not support these functions and will simply ignore them.


One of the services that BNLS provides is CD key hashing and account authentication. To do this, a bot must send its username, password, and CD key to the server in plain-text. The information can be intercepted at any point during this transfer, so it is advisable to use a bot that performs these functions locally. BNLS can still be safely used for version checking.

StealthBot version 2.6R3 and prior versions that implement BNLS are vulnerable to this exploit. It is advisable to only use local hashing if you must use one of these versions. Version 2.7 and newer perform these calculations locally, and are not vulnerable to the exploit.

Public Servers

These are some servers that have been running recently and are up to date. Some of these servers are not operated by staff and should be used at your own risk.