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BNCS, or Chat Server, is a protocol designed by Blizzard Entertainment to facilitate communication between enabled games. StealthBot's primary function is to connect to this service and provide an interface for chatting as well as automated functionality within the chat channel.

Protocol Information

  • Connection Type: TCP
  • Standard Port: 6112

Protocol Identification

After establishing a connection to BNCS, the client must identify which service it is attempting to use by sending an identification byte.

Service Byte
Game 0x01
BNFTP 0x02
Telnet 0x03, 0x63
MCP->BNCS 0x04
Unknown 0x06
Unknown 0x81

Following this the client may continue with the Login sequence for the intended protocol.

Common Errors

All BNCS related errors are reported in StealthBot as a red message with a "[BNCS]" prefix.

Version check failed! The version byte for this attempt was ....

This error is caused by a number of problems:

  • A new patch has been released and the BNLS Server (or hashes) you are using has not been updated.
  • You are attempting to connect to an unofficial server which is using a different version of the game.

10053 -- Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure.

This error commonly occurs when you are IP banned.