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Warden is an anti-cheating mechanism developed by Blizzard Entertainment for all of their clients. For more information, see Warden on Wikipedia.

Warden Status

As of March 2016, Warden is not currently active on the Battle.net chat servers, and will not have an affect on StealthBot.


Warden.dll is a library that bots can use to help them handle Warden checks. In StealthBot, it is also used to handle version checking. The library and it's dependencies are installed with the bot.

March 2016 Update

In March 2016, in response to the 1.14a patch of Diablo 2, Warden.dll was updated. This update allows you to omit files from the hashing process by setting them to NULL in CheckRevision.ini.

The update can be found here. To install it, extract all of the files from the zip into your bot installation folder (usually found in C:\Program Files)


* [Warden] Warden.dll was not found, Warden support will not work.
* [Warden] To fix this, make sure you have the latest Warden data from http://www.stealthbot.net/sb/warden/ .

If you see this, it means that Warden.dll or one of its dependencies could not be found.

The following files must be located inside your StealthBot installation folder (usually found in C:\Program Files)

  • StealthBot v2.7.exe
  • Warden.dll
  • zlib1.dll
  • libeay32.dll (if you have installed the 2016 update)

If they are not, you should either obtain these files or re-install StealthBot.