Using the StealthBot Launcher

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The launcher is a tool used for managing multiple StealthBot profiles (or instances). Each profile contains its own configuration, scripts, and log files.

StealthBot launcher
The StealthBot launcher populated with 2 profiles.

User Interface

Creating a new profile

To create a new profile, click the "Create Profile" button and enter a name for it in the window that appears. Click OK. The new profile will appear in the list of available profiles. You must then select and launch the new profile in order to configure it.

Note: Profile names are just for your reference, and will only be used for storing data on your computer.

Deleting a profile

You can delete a profile by selecting the profile you want to delete and clicking "Remove Profile". You will be prompted to confirm that you want to do this.

WARNING! This will delete ALL files pertaining to this profile. This includes your scripts, log files, user database, commands, mail, and more. This action is not reversible.

Creating a shortcut to a profile

You can launch a profile directly by creating a shortcut to it. To do this, select the profile you'd like to make a shortcut to and click "Create a Shortcut". The shortcut will be placed on your desktop, but you can move it wherever you like.

Launching a profile

To launch a profile, select it in the list and click the "Launch Selected Profile" button. If the "Automatically close this launcher after loading the profile" box is checked, the launcher will close.

Command Line Options

The launcher can also be used to launch profiles directly using the command line option -LaunchProfile with the name of the profile.


Launcher.exe -LaunchProfile "My Profile"