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Rise to Power

On January the 15th, 2007 a young but yet experienced StealthBot user called MoD-PHOENIX (a.k.a. PHOENlX on the European and U.S. East gateway) joined the forums. Not to get help, no, but to help other users, because he found a solution to a problem that wasn't posted yet. By doing that he already got into his first argument with a person who was an official tech at that time and is a global moderator as well as a developer for StealthBot today, because said technician thought that the "noob" with only a few posts can't be right. The young member was right though and enjoyed helping other people. So he decided to come online every day and help as best as he could. His secret for appearing professional was that he only posted if he knew he was right and that he could contribute to the topic. A few days passed until a root admin with the name LoRd[nK] (nowadays known as Eric) sent the new member a personal message regarding a position as technical support moderator with the only condition being that he stayed active. The young StealthBot user was honored by the offer and accepted it. So it happened that 15 days after he joined the forums, he became a moderator of the StealthBot Technical Support and General forums.

Global Leadership

As time goes by he became more and more active in other forums as well, providing support, helping and sharing his knowledge mainly in the StealthBot forums. He even stopped playing on as frequently as he used to, just because he was more interested in helping people at that time. He started making plugins for himself, fulfilling a few easy requests and then releasing some of his more complex plugins when people asked for similar ones. By that time he changed his online identity to the shorter form of PHOENIX ... PhiX, inspired by a StarCraft bounder called TriX. A few months later there was a staff change going on, where he was promoted to global moderator.

Not such a bad guy

Nowadays he's still one of the most active techs around, although he might not seem as helpful to some users as he used to be when he started posting on the site. He even might come across as rude to some people. But the truth is, that he became that way because of the StealthBot users, namely the ones who weren't willing to read, simply asked for a link or posted several topics regarding "Version Check Failed" a day. It's not that he doesn't want to help, it's just frustrating to see the same questions over and over by ignorant people who don't know how a forum works or simply ignore its rules on purpose. So his message to all people out there who believe that this site's staff only consists of arrogant and rude assholes is that it's not the staff's fault. Assholes don't become moderators or administrators, but moderators and administrators can become assholes due to what they have to deal with every day. So all he wants you to do is to have understanding for his position and not judge him by the way he may come across as in his present-day posts.