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This StealthBot command retrieves the bot's trigger.


This command has been present for a long time in StealthBot.

In version 2.7, the Alt combination hint (example: Alt-0046) in the response was replaced with the length of the trigger (example: Length: 1) when multiple-character trigger support was added.


By default, the trigger command requires a rank of 40 or any of the flags A, J, M, O, R, or T.

How to use

Use this command by typing ?trigger in the presence of the bot. You do not need to know the bot's trigger, as that is the purpose of the command.




The bot will respond with the currently set bot trigger, in quotation marks, with the trigger's length in parentheses.


[9:10:18 PM] <Stealth> ?trigger
[9:10:18 PM] <StealthBot> The bot's current trigger is " . " (Length: 1)

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