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StealthBot is a chat and channel moderation "bot" intended for use on the official servers. It was created by Stealth (Andy T) in Visual Basic 6. The current version, 2.7.2, was released on July 3, 2013.


Project Origins

StealthBot was originally created as a way for Stealth to apply the concepts taught in his sixth-period Introduction to Programming course at Madison's Memorial High School in the fall of 2002. He wrote the first line of code in the project on November 5th, 2002.

In the beginning, StealthBot used CleanSlateBot, a Microsoft Visual Basic control that allowed easy access to StealthBot entered the crowded bot arena through the now-defunct website MadzBots. At this time, bots were extremely complicated to set up, often shady and unreliable, and generally not accessible to the population.

Development Team

In August of 2008, a development team was formed to continue work on version 2.7 of the bot.

Open Source

Two years after the release of version 2.7.1, after much discussion among the development team, the source code to StealthBot was made publicly available through GitHub.

Version history

Main article: Version history

The colorful and epic story of StealthBot's many varied versions from v0.5 Alpha to v3.0 lies on the version history page. Changelogs shall accompany each version that has been released.


Multi-Product Support

StealthBot is able to support all of the major Classic products, including StarCraft, Diablo, Diablo 2, WarCraft 2, WarCraft 3, and all associated expansions.


StealthBot is known for its extensive list of built-in commands. Access to commands is configurable through a user-based access system, and the requirements to use each command are configurable through a built-in command manager. Each of the built-in commands is also completely customizable through the Scripting System.


StealthBot is extensible through a well-supported script system. These scripts are written in Visual Basic Scripting Edition.

A large collection of user-created scripts are available here, as well as in our Scripting Forum (where users can receive support in creating their own scripts).

Channel Moderation

StealthBot has several channel moderation features to help safeguard your channel from unwanted activity.

  • Phrasebanning - automatically ban users who say prohibited words or phrases
  • IP banning - bans users based on their IP using the server based squelching system (note that the bot at no time sees a users actual IP address, all of the IP detection is done server-side)
  • Quiet time - automatically ban anyone who talks that isn't on an approved list
  • Kick-on-yell - automatically kick users who type IN ALL CAPS.
  • Plug bans - ban users who have a Lag plug (common with spambots)
  • Channel protection - automatically bans all users who are not safelisted
  • Ban evasion - store a list of users who have been banned so they can be banned again if they try to be sneaky
  • Idle ban - ban users who have been idle for a configurable amount of time (optional kick instead of ban)
  • Client bans - ban all users from a game from joining your channel
  • Level bans - ban users who are below a certain ladder rank
  • Shitlist - keep a list of troublesome users to automatically ban them whenever they join
  • Taglist - automatically ban members of certain WarCraft 3 clans from joining your channel

Other Features

  • Chat filters - permanent, username-based block list and text filtering to hide unwanted messages
  • Catch phrases - internal list of phrases which, when detected, are recorded in context to a local file
  • Quick channels - store up to 9 pre-defined channels which are quickly accessible through a menu or with hotkeys
  • Whisper windows - individual conversation windows keep track of private messages for easy communication
  • Chat logging - log all chat that occurs in a channel to a local text file
  • Proxy support - connect to through a SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy
  • Greet messages - automatically greet users who join your channel with a customizable message
  • Idle messages - remind everyone that you're not there at set intervals with customizable idle messages that can display random quotes, your music listening habits (careful with this one), or static messages.
  • Mailbox - leave messages for your friends that are automatically sent the next time they join your channel

Operating System Support

StealthBot is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6. It has been tested on the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

StealthBot can also run natively on Linux through the use of Wine, but this is not supported by the developers or staff.

Support Forums's technical support forums provide a quick means of getting support.

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