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The new and improved StealthBot 2.7 Script system (build 22) comes loaded with new features!


In version 2.4 , Stealth made StealthBot load a VBScript Script from the script.txt to customize StealthBot more.

In version 2.6, out of necessity for improving the script system, Xelloss made the plugin system, a script designed to allow multiple scripts, called plugins to be loaded simultaneously.

In version 2.7, Eric made the script loading done by Script Control modules and from the Scripts\ folder.

Events and functions available were changed from version to version.


Features of the Script System:

  • Independent loading of each .txt and .vbs script file in the Scripts\ folder. No variables or method names will conflict across scripts! This means that each script loaded cannot accidentally cause another loaded script to not function or function differently.
  • Script events, which are subroutines which StealthBot recognizes and calls when events occur.
  • Numerous ways of accessing, controlling, and automating the bot through two available objects and a set of available functions:
    • The Script Support Class or SSC object which has many functions to control the bot.
    • The Bot Variables or BotVars object which has many properties which refer to settings which you can access and change quickly.
    • A few module-level functions provided separately to control each script.
  • Numerous useful scripting objects.
  • The #include directive, to include other "library" scripts into your script where commonly used methods can be stored.

Scripting tutorials and FAQs

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See the list of tutorials and FAQs for answers to common questions and help with VBScript examples specific to StealthBot.

Creating new scripts

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Scripts are standard Visual Basic Script files, which are loaded by the bot. In this tutorial, we will explore how to begin creating a StealthBot script.

Converting plugins to scripts

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The plugin format is slightly different than the script format.

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