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A script is the basic unit of the script system and consists of script events which StealthBot calls, and script functions which you can call. You may write scripts in VBScript, give them the extension .txt or .vbs and place them in the Scripts\ folder.


The Script system allows you to load many script files simultaneously when they are placed in the Scripts\ folder. Now, you no longer need the old Plugin System which was basically an extension of the script.txt (which was the only script being loaded) into loading multiple plugins.

Each script file and its #included files is loaded into a Script Control module, in which variable, function, and class name defined by each script will not conflict with those of other scripts with the same name.


The language scripts are written in is VBScript. The VBScript page also links to a helpful guide to the language, all here on this wiki.


Scripts use the Scripts() collection to interact with others, as if the script was its own object:


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