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The module-level functions are a set of functions that the bot adds to the end of your script so that you can do actions specific to the current script. The bot also provides the Script object to store information about the specific script.


Module-level functions were added by Eric for StealthBot version 2.7. To function, a hidden SSC function is called from your script's module-level functions.

How to use

Use them like you would call any VBScript function.

List of module-level functions

Script object

Main article: Script object

The script object is a standard Scripting.Dictionary provided by the bot per module to store script information. The bot uses keys set in the object after the initial execution of the script (before events are called).

DataBuffer object

Main article: DataBuffer object

The DataBuffer object is a DataBuffer object provided by the bot per module. Use it, but remember to clean up after each packet. Alternatively, create a new DataBuffer every packet using the DataBufferEx function.

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