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Megatog615 is a user, who originally signed up at forum in August of the year 2004. In that day, Magic: The Gathering was all the rage. He chose to use the name of his favorite card, the Megatog.


Days of Noobishness

Megatog615 mostly posted in the Off-Topic board because he would have been too ashamed to go on 4chan in those days. He was yet still not a true Internet denizen to be that hardcore. The majority of his posts in Off-Topic consisted of images(and they still fucking are).

Support Tech Promotion

Eventually he was given Support Tech status for of his knowledge of Stealthbot. Later, he would acquire Beta Tester status. This would eventually be useless to him because he got owned by a virus in late 2005 and gave up Windows. He got tired of that fuckin' shit after over 9000 years of suffering through Windows re-installs. He chose the vastly superior GNU/Linux operating system(this article isn't biased AT ALL) instead of pussying out and buying a Mac like that faggot, Berzerker.

Linux, lol

After installing Linux on his computer, he eventually became a real prick, just like all Linux users. He trolled Warrior for being a Microsoft dick-sucker any chance he got and usually got owned because of Warrior's uncanny ability to throw nondescript numbers and acronyms to make him look smarter. Megatog615's addiction to Linux would only grow as the OMG NEW UBUNTU came out every 6 months. He never questioned his membership on the Stealthbot forums since he didn't even use Stealthbot anymore.


After the upgrade to forumn (forum new), Megatog615 changed his nickname to just Mega, since he no longer played Magic: The Gathering. He was also given Global Moderator position, for some lulzy reason. He never used his power extensively and requested to have it removed in 2009. After owning Vanessas misinformed clan goons, Mega secured his position as an official Off-Topic Defender.



Megatog615 is responsible for the following memes:

error 10060 (meme) - Post

leer - With help from SlamBliss and kIlleR