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This is a general overview of the StealthBot user interface.

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The user interface in an active chat room.

Chat Window

The chat window is StealthBot's primary view.

On the left is a large box where messages from the bot, the server, other users, and your scripts are displayed. Below this is a smaller box where you can enter commands or messages to be sent out. There may be two even smaller boxes on the sides of this box, which is where you can enter a prefix and a postfix to be attached to the respective ends of all sent messages. These boxes can be disabled in the settings.

On the right is a list of users in the channel you are currently in. There are also tabs for your friends list and (if you are using WarCraft 3) your clan members.


Across the top of the main chat window are several menus.

  • Bot: The bot menu contains general options pertaining to the whole bot. This includes options to connect and disconnect, open the database and command managers, and check for updates.
  • Settings: The settings menu provides access to options that control how your bot works. This includes access to the expanded settings screen, chat filters, access to the bot's files, and tools.
  • Connect / Disconnect: These are not menus, but conveniently placed buttons for connecting and disconnecting the bot.
  • Window: The window menu contains options for controlling how the bot looks. It includes options for hiding certain messages from the chat window, using separate windows for whispers, clearing text from windows, and options to control text logging.
  • Scripting: The scripting menu provides access to enable and disable individual scripts, as well as any custom menus provided by a script.
  • Help: The help menu provides access to the readme, homepage, EULA, and change log.

For a complete listing of each menu, see: StealthBot Menu Tree.

StealthBot Settings

See also: Basic settings

The StealthBot Settings window can be access by going to the settings menu and clicking on "Bot Settings". It is the primary location for configuring the bot.

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The Stealthbot Settings window.

Connection Settings

This section contains settings for your account information, CD key(s), server, and game. The advanced section allows you to setup a proxy server, ping spoofing, and a BNLS server.

Interface Settings

This section contains settings for controlling how StealthBot looks as well as text logging.

General Settings

This section allows you to configure optional features, such as channel moderation, greet and idle messages, and program behavior.

Database & Command Manager

Main articles: Database manager and Command manager.

See also: Adding yourself to the bot

These windows can be accessed from the bot menu. They allow you to control which users have access to execute commands on your bot as well as the requirements for each command and the setting of command aliases.