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The Dsp function is provided by the Script Support Class to StealthBot in order to display a response to one of four locations.


The Dsp function was originally part of the plugin system in order to create a standard way to respond to a command.

In 2.7, this function was moved to the Script Support Class.


'// DSP
'//     Displays messages via the specified output type and allows for unlimited message Lengths.
'//     Syntax: Dsp Output, Message, [Username], [Color]
'//     Output must be one of the following integer Values():
'//         1 = AddQ
'//             Example: Dsp 1, "Example message"
'//         2 = Emote
'//             Example: Dsp 2, "Example message"
'//         3 = Whisper
'//             Example: Dsp 3, "Example message", "JoeUser"
'//         4 = AddChat
'//             Example: Dsp 4, "Example message", , vbCyan
Public Sub Dsp(ByVal intID As Integer, ByVal strMessage As String, _
               Optional ByVal strUsername As String, Optional ByVal lngColor As Long = 16777215)

    Select Case intID
        Case 1
            Me.AddQ strMessage
        Case 2
            Me.AddQ "/me " & strMessage
        Case 3
            If Len(strUsername) = 0 Then
                AddChat vbRed, "Dsp whisper error: You did not supply a username."
                Exit Sub
            End If
            Me.AddQ "/w " & strUsername & " " & strMessage
        Case 4
            AddChat lngColor, strMessage
    End Select
End Sub


This function displays the specified message in one of four different ways.

Note: Use the script command system to handle commands. This function is provided only for backwards compatibility for converted plugins.


Dsp intID, strMessage, [strUsername], [lngColor]


  • intID specifies the type of message to display:
    • Pass 1 to send to the channel.
    • Pass 2 to send as an emote.
    • Pass 3 to send as a whisper.
    • Pass 4 to display in-bot only.
  • strMessage is the message to display.
  • strUsername is the username to whisper to if intID was 3.
  • lngColor is a color value (see AddChat function) to display the text in if intID was 4.


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