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This article is outdated for versions newer than (approximately) v2.7 build 487

A Config.ini Override is a special setting that can be activated by manually editing your config.ini file.

.ini File Format

.ini files are formatted as follows:

... and so on. StealthBot has 6 primary sections, each containing several keys.

Available Overrides


The [Main] section of the StealthBot config defines the bot's basic settings such as username, password, etc.

There is one config override that can be placed in the [Main] section:

AutoFilterMSsets the automatic filtering delay


The [Position] section of the config stores the data that controls where the bot window goes when it is loaded. These settings are based off of the window's last known position. There are no config hacks that belong in this section.


The [Other] section of the config controls various settings including logging and auto-moderation features.

AutoCompletePostfixsets a post-fix to automatically be appended to the end of auto-completed usernames
CaseSensitiveFlagsforces flags to be case sensitive. (i.e. flag b is not the same as flag B)
ChatDelaysets the default chat delay
DefaultSafelistGroupsets safelisted users to the specified group
DefaultShitlistGroupsets shitlisted users to the specified group
DefaultTagbansGroupsets tagbanned users to the specified group
HideClanDisplayhides clan tags from the channel list display
HidePingDisplayhides ping icons from the channel list display
MathAllowUIallows UI related commands to be used in the math/eval command.
MediaPlayersets the default media player
RetainOldBanskeeps bans on the banlist even after the operator that made that ban leaves the channel
ShowStatsIconsif set to N no stats icons (e.g. peons) will be shown in the channel list
StoreAllBansstores bans from all operators in the channel
WinampPathoverrides the location to look for WinAmp.
FlashOnCatchPhrasesflashes the window when a catch phrase is seen


The [Override] section of the config allows users to customize certain values that are used in the bot. These values include the location to find alternative BNLS servers, the version bytes to use, and the name used as the owner for the bot's CD key.

W3VerByteOverrides the WAR3/W3XP version byte with the given value.
D2VerByteOverrides the D2DV/D2XP version byte with the given value.
SCVerByteOverrides the STAR/SEXP version byte with the given value.
W2VerByteOverrides the W2BN version byte with the given value.
OwnerNameChanges the name given to as the owner of the CD key.
DisableSBNewsDisables the loading of news when the bot starts up.
AutoModerationSafelistValueSets the amount of access required to be automatically safelisted (default: 20).
NoRTBAutomaticCopydisables automatic copying of highlighted text from the RTB
WardenDebugEnables debugging for Warden.dll.
ScriptViewerOverrides the default program used to view script files.
SetKeyIgnoreLengthIgnores the length checks on CD keys.
LowerCasePasswordConverts the bot's password to lower case before hashing it (default: enabled).
AddQLinePostfixChanges the default string added to split up long messages ("[more]").
DisableScriptsDisables the scripting system, scripts menu, and does not load any script components. This also disables access to the SSC and BotVars from /exec.
AddQMaxLengthOverrides the maximum length allowed for chat messages sent to Must be greater than 0, but less than 223.
BNLSSourceUse a different list of BNLS servers than the default one, for the Automatic BNLS Server Finder (
SecondsToIdleOverride the default value of BotVars.SecondsToIdle. After this many seconds, a user is marked as "idle" in the channel list (default: 600 seconds, which equals 10 minutes).
D2NamingFormatOverride the default Diablo II naming convention format (default value: char (*name)). It accepts the values char = character name, name = name, and title = character title. To avoid strange bot behavior, always include name in the value.
SetBotStatstringOverride the statstring sent in SID_ENTERCHAT. This is for Diablo 1 connections to provide custom, or valid stats. All other products ignore this value and use their own.
PredefinedGatewayTells StealthBot what its namespace is ("Azeroth", "USEast", etc). If set, the bot will not join an invalid channel and attempt to /whois itself during log in. For all servers this override will increase log in speed. For private servers, this override will cause StealthBot to not join the "home:number" channel. On official servers it is recommended to use the namespace that the bot is actually on, or risk running into strange behavior.
RegisterEmailDefaultStealthBot will register this E-mail to new accounts it creates. If not provided, it will prompt you with a popup instead (default behavior) (build 288+).
RegisterEmailActionChanges the behavior of E-mail registration (build 288+).

The value Prompt (default) specifies the default behavior where it'll either automatically register the value in RegisterEmailDefault, or prompt the user if nothing is there.

The value NeverAsk will cause the bot to register an empty value if asks, thus causing to not ask again.

The value AskLater will cause the bot to ignore's registration request completely. will ask the bot (or another client) again on next logon.


The [StoredKeys] section of the config keeps record of any CD keys you put into the CD key manager so that they can be easily accessed. There are no overrides that can go in this section.


The location of most of the bot's major files and folders can be specified through a config hack in the [FilePaths] section. All overrides in this section have the following format:

where "filename.ext" is the name of the file being relocated (users.txt, commands.xml, etc...) and "path" is the full path to the location of the file.

A common use for this setting is to allow multiple bots to share the same user database, in which each bot would need an override in its config file specifying the shared database file.


Setting an Override

All toggle overrides (true/false) can be set by using Y and N. For all other overrides that require their own values, simply put the value after the '=' sign.

Advanced Overrides

There are a few overrides that can be added to the config to control how StealthBot handles its connection to the server. Using these overrides incorrectly can result in an IP ban from the server, so only use them if you know what you are doing or have been instructed to by a StealthBot Technician.

OverrideForceDefaultLocaleIDchanges the value of the computer's locale ID sent to in SID_LOCALEINFO (0x12) and SID_AUTH_INFO (0x50).
OverrideUDPStringchanges the value of the UDP code sent in SID_UDPPINGRESPONSE (0x14).
OverrideSpawnKeytells that the CD key being used is for SPAWN.
OverrideXXProtIDchanges the value of the Protocol ID sent in SID_AUTH_INFO (0x50)). (default: 0)1
OverrideXXPlatIDchanges the value of the Platform ID sent in SID_AUTH_INFO (0x50), SID_STARTVERSIONING (0x06), and SID_REPORTVERSION (0x07). (default: 'IX86')1
OverrideXXProdLangchanges the value of the Product Language sent in SID_AUTH_INFO (0x50). (default: 0)1
OverrideIgnore0x51Replyignores the reply to SID_AUTH_CHECK (0x51) aka the "version check."
OverrideXXLogonSystemchanges the logon system used for the specified product.1

There are also several overrides for tuning the message queue.


1: In these overrides, XX is replaced with the 2 digit product key of a product. (W3, W2, SC, D2)