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The ClearScreen() subroutine is available to StealthBot through the Script Support Class. It allows users to clear the chat screen of messages.


The ClearScreen function was added in StealthBot version 2.7 by the request of Imhotep.

In 2.7.2, its options were increased from "both" and "chat only" to "both", "chat only" and "whisper only".


'// Empties the bot's current chat window
'//   1 = clear chat window
'//   2 = clear whisper window
'//   3 (default) = clear both chat and whisper window
Public Function ClearScreen(Optional ByVal ClearOption As Integer) As String

    Call frmChat.ClearChatScreen(ClearOption)

End Function


This subroutine will clear the chat and/or whisper windows and then display a message on completion.


ClearScreen [ClearOption]


  • ClearOption specifies which of the three actions that the function can perform. The third option is chosen if this argument is omitted.
    1. = Clears the chat window only and prints "Chat window cleared."
    2. = Clears the whisper window only and prints "Whisper window cleared." to that window.
    3. = Clears both the chat and whisper windows and prints "Chat and whisper windows cleared."

Example usage

  • Clear both the chat and the whisper windows:
  • ClearScreen
  • Clear the chat window:
  • ClearScreen 1
  • Clear the whisper window:
  • ClearScreen 2

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