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The Clan() Script Support Class function returns the Clan object.


This function was added by Eric in version 2.7.


'// CLAN
'// Returns the clan object
Public Function Clan() As Object

    Set Clan = g_Clan.Clone()

End Function


To call a subroutine of the Clan object:


To store a value that the Clan object can retrieve:

Variable = Clan().GetSomething

Advanced Note: When the Clan function is called, a copy of the Clan object is made so that you cannot cause the bot to send bad information to by changing properties of the internal clan object. Normally, the convention is to get values (like Clan.Name) from the bot's clan object, not from a clan object that you stored before using Set ClanObj = Clan(). This also guarantees that the information is more up to date.

See the Clan object article for examples and usage of the Clan object.

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