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If you are trying to upgrade from one version of StealthBot 2.7 to another please Uninstall StealthBot first (using the installer for the version you want to upgrade to) and then install. This will not delete your profile information. Do not do a repair install, it won't do anything.


Build 489

Build 488

Build 487

Fixed the crash that last commit introduced if you open Settings without a config.ini file.

Clan SBs is no longer maintained by StealthBot staff. Scripts, idles and greets now work in channels called "Clan SBs".

Updated quick channels.
Font and size settings for the chat box now apply to the send box, the prefix box, the postfix box, the whisper dock, and the whisper window chat box and send box.Font and size settings for the channel list view now apply to the channel header label and the channel tab set (it already applies to the friend list and clan list).

Fixed the bug where right clicking on a channel user and clicking "Add to Friends List" would fail if the bot was on Diablo II.

Fixed the bug where right clicking on a friend and clicking "Remove" would fail if the bot was on Diablo II.

Fixed the bug where right clicking on a friend and clicking "Promote" or "Demote" would fail if the bot had "Use Diablo II Naming Conventions" set.

Fixed the bug where right clicking on a clan member and choosing any action would fail if the bot had "Use Diablo II Naming Conventions" set.

The server IP list in the Settings panel has been updated.

When re-opening the Settings panel, the tree view should now correctly have the node selected for the panel you last looked at. Related, any time the Settings panel changes your current panel programmatically, the tree view should select the correct node.

Changed output of the ".rem"/".del" command to match the output of the ".add"/".set" command when it deletes an entry because you set their rank to 0 and flags to nothing.

Changed ".add" and ".rem" to output the entry type of the entry, just as ".find" does (that is, entries of type USER do not show a type, while all others (GROUP, CLAN, GAME) do). This change affects ".cadd", ".cdel", ".safeadd", ".safedel", ".shitadd", ".shitdel", ".tagadd", and ".tagdel".

The above change refactors the SearchDatabase() code to use a new function, DBUserToString(User, dbType). This change affects ".clientbans", ".find", ".findattr", ".findgrp", ".safelist", ".shitlist", and ".tagbans".

Worked around a shortcoming with ".tagdel" where it cannot know which kind of tag to remove in the new system. Now it first tries your input as a CLAN entry. If that fails, the error message is hidden and it tries your input as a USER entry with wildcards. The result of the second try is always reported. If the first try succeeds, the CLAN tag will be removed and the tag will not be retried as a USER entry.

Added a command line option, "-ppath" which changes the bot's current directory (profile path) to the specified absolute path during initiation. This can be used to set your bot folder, including where it searches for BNCSutil.dll or Warden.dll.

Fixed a bug where the default commands.xml specifies ".unipban" as taking flag "A" or "R" instead of flag "O". Either make this change manually or overwrite the commands.xml in your directory if you want all default command settings.
Fixed a bug where /block  would reset the block list size to 1 instead of increasing its size.
Fixed scripting Clan.Peons not including Peons of rank 1 (not in 'probation period').
Fixed WarCraft III level ban (topic 5899).

Fixed WarCraft III peon ban form setting (topic 5899).

WarCraft III and Diablo II level bans did not use the "level ban message" in the form. Now it does, and you can specify "%cl" for current user level and "%rl" for required user level in that field.

Ex usage: "You are %cl, but you need to be %rl to enter!"

Added BotVars.BanUnderLevelMsg to contain unmodified levelban message.

These changes apply to both WarCraft III and Diablo II level ban messages.

This commit is also for testing committing to github.

Build 486

  • Compile Date: 2010-10-18
  • SVN Rev: 1800
  • Git Rev: 3d92825
  • Archive: ZIP
  • 3d92825 (SVN 1799): Ribose (2010-10-17) (8 changed files, +182, -108)
- Fixed a bug where users with "no stats available" on WarCraft III were given a druid icon.

- Repairing overrides now works (before it was putting them in Main insteadof Override).

- Updating overrides from the site now works for Diablo II: LOD (stopped working due to the changes made to the logon system).

- Changed the @[tab] system again so that only the "other" gateway is suggested and not both (if you are on USEast it will give you Azeroth and not USEast and Azeroth; if you are on Azeroth it will give you USEast).

- Added the .setbnlsserver command.

- Added the [Override] PredefinedGateway. Setting it to some value will make the bot skip the /whoami check and assume the @Gateway is the one given. This is useful for PvPGN users.

- Corrected phrasing in clan command errors.

- The "No Timestamp" option has been fixed.
  • 350e85c (SVN 1797): Ribose (2010-09-23) (7 changed files, +216, -138)
- Fixed a bug where when Diablo II naming conventions are on, it's impossible to give access to users (it expects a username with a " " or a "*" in the database check, which is impossible or insecure due to wildcards).

- The username used in command processing is now strictly limited to account name only for Diablo II naming conventions users.

- If you have the Blizzard Representative (0x01) or Administrator/SysOp (0x04) flag, you are now considered to "have ops" (.IsOperator = True) so that PvPGN bot owners who fail to apply the op flag can do kick and ban functions using StealthBot.

- When you type @[tab], the available auto-completions is limited to your gateway only. This feature supports the gateway now.

- When Diablo II naming conventions are enabled, and the add command is used with the format ".add *user" (where no other wildcards are present), the bot will assume the user means to add "user" and remove the star. To add a tag, you may do ".tagadd *tag" instead.

- When Diablo II naming conventions are enabled, and the add command is used with a character name found in the channel, the bot will assume the user means to add the user in the channel's account. If an account name also exists with the same name as that character, this is not done.

- Changed the logon system after account logon to do less spam and always retrieve the BotVars.Gateway correctly.

  Old system:

    On account logon complete:



     Send SID_JOINCHANNEL (home:#, makes the bot join an in-limbo "void" where /whoami will return gateway)

     Send SID_CHATCOMMAND (/whoami)

    On response to SID_ENTERCHAT:

     DISABLE user in channel-type events (see revision 1497)

     Send SID_JOINCHANNEL (home as firstjoin, normally joins game-specific channel instead)

     Send SID_JOINCHANNEL (home)


     EVENT LoggedOn

    On join home or silent in SID_CHATEVENT:

     ENABLE user in channel-type events

  Problems with this old system:

    If /whoami gets processed by fast enough, you don't get a response because you haven't entered chat at all yet. I've noticed this causes BotVars.Gateway to have no value and naming conventions does not work.

    If the game-specific "home" happens to be the home channel that you provided in settings, you are spamming with one extra join-channel command. Since this is unnecessary, it leads to the old problem of flooding off easier after logging in more than it helps anything.

  New system introduced:

    On account logon complete:



     Send SID_JOINCHANNEL (home:#, makes the bot join an in-limbo "void" where /whoami will return gateway), SID_CHATCOMMAND (/whoami)

    On response to SID_ENTERCHAT:

     DISABLE user in channel-type events (see revision 1497)

     Send SID_CHATCOMMAND ("/whoami")

    On server info in SID_CHATEVENT:

     Send SID_JOINCHANNEL (home as firstjoin, normally joins game-specific channel instead)


     EVENT LoggedOn

    On join channel in SID_CHATEVENT:

     if channel is home or silent:

      ENABLE user in channel-type events

     if NOT:

      Send SID_JOINCHANNEL (home)

  Problems with this new system:

    PvPGN servers may not respond the same or at all to /whoami, and the bot will STOP waiting for it! Use /fj after logon if this occurs.

  This system adds two extra steps to logon so that it should always work (on official servers) and does not spam as much (especially for WC3 bots who set their home to their clan channel).
  • cc041fd (SVN 1796): Hdx (2010-09-23) (1 changed file, +74, -73)
Implemented SSC.GetDBEntry().BanMessage Thread #5016
  • 654a597 (SVN 1795): Ribose (2010-09-11) (6 changed files, +44, -30)
- DRTL users with non-valid statstrings now show up with the DRTL icon.

- DSHR users with valid statstrings now show up with the (added) gray warrior icon. All DSHR official clients are warriors.

- You can now override the statstring sent in SID_ENTERCHAT/0x0A using [Override] SetBotStatstring= for DSHR and DRTL stats.

  Ex: SetBotStatstring=LTRD 99 2 3 100 100 100 100 99999 0

  Ex: SetBotStatstring=RHSD 1 0 0 30 10 20 25 100 1

Build 482

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-31
  • Publisher: Hdx
  • SVN Rev: 1794
  • Notes:
1794: Hdx
Changed version disabled error to something more descriptive, version disabled no longer exists.
Also changed tmrAccountLock to use sckBNet's state as opposed to g_online, because g_online is set to true only after loggin is successful, and made the timer moot. So the Account Locked error message should now be shown.

1793: Hdx
Got rid of a whole lot of shit that bugged the HELL out of me.
Finished implmenting a few missing properties of clsUserObj and clsClanObj

1792: Hdx
Fixed QueueTimer_Timer() Overflow issue.

Build 481

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-30
  • SVN Rev: 1791
  • Notes:
1791: Ribose
- Fixed: If your clan has more than (approximately) 93 members, all will appear in the clan tab.
- Fixed: Repeating DisplayRichText() errors or bot flashing occurred when a message is received while you have the bot in the tray (errors), the settings dialog open (errors), or the bot didn't have focus (flashing). This happened when the keyboard focus was left in the RTB before doing one of the above actions. This fix also means that for now, RTB focus will always be lost whenever a message is received, even when you have the window active and keyboard focus to the RTB, attempting to make a selection or other action.

Build 480

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-22
  • SVN Rev: 1790
  • Notes:
1789: Ribose
- Fixed the CTRL+A, CTRL+S, and CTRL+D shortcuts. They switch the tab to the Channel list, Friend list, or Clan list, respectively, but didn't work.
- Fixed a potential bug where after you left a clan the clan tab would still have focus.
- Quotes will now be reloaded during Reload Config.
- Fixed a potential bug where the quotes object will be messed up during the /addquote command, though this may never actually have happened, if the quotes object became Nothing it could.

1790: Ribose
- Reorganized the context menus:
Channel, friends, and clan context menus are now identical except for certain list-specific items:
  Copy Name to Clipboard
  Add to Left Send Box [channel only]
  Add to Friends List [channel only]
  Invite to Warcraft III Clan [channel only]
  Userlist Whois Whois Stats [>]
    Reign of Chaos [clan only]
    The Frozen Throne [clan only] Profile
  Web Profile >
    Reign of Chaos
    The Frozen Throne
  [list-specific menu items]
- Stats lookup is done like so. First it gets the user's product. If the product does not provide /stats support (or the user is offline in the friends list), then it gets the bot's product. If it can look up stats it will do /stats username PROD. Most of the time, when you go to context menu > Stats for a user in your channel, you want the stats of their currently loaded product. An average gamer won't be playing on another product in most cases. If you do want the stats for them for another product, use the in-chat /stats username PROD command yourself, because likely you'd have to do that for people not in your channel anyway. Note that since the clan list doesn't know ROC from TFT, you still have to choose there.
- Improved the keyboard shortcuts for all bot menus, removing conflicts (for if you press ALT+letter or the MENU key to access them).
- If CTRL+A is used when the channel list already has focus, all text in the send box will be selected like a normal text box (SELECT ALL).

Build 479

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-21
  • SVN Rev: 1788
  • Notes:
1788: Ribose
- The SHIFT+DEL clear chat shortcut should now work from the chat box and whisper box.
- In the Database Manager, disallowed invalid input such as spaces, non-numbers in rank, and non-letters in flags.
- Corrected/updated internal version codes and made "Settings > Tools... > Restore default version bytes" work for all clients.

Build 478

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-20
  • SVN Rev: 1787
  • Notes:
1787: Hdx
Reverted r1785 (Removed the ShowConfigLegacyClients Override), there is no reason to hide the legacy clients.

1786: Hdx
SID_CLIENTID/SID_CLIENTID2 will now properly grab the computer name and logged in user name, and send them to Battle.Net like the real client does.

Build 477

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-19
  • SVN Rev: 1785
  • Notes:
1785: Ribose:
- Added [Override] ShowConfigLegacyClients. Set it to Y in order to switch to a spawn, shareware, StarCraft Japan, or original Diablo using the configuration panel. By default, these options will be hidden.

1784: Ribose:
- Last whisper will now be saved after processing commands, but before script events. The lastwhisper command will now be of more use to people who whisper it.

1783: Ribose:
- Cleaned up the keyboard control of the rich text boxes of the profile reader/writer.
In the profile writer:
- You can no longer make new lines in the profile editor's sex and location fields.
- You can no longer modify the RTB's style with the default keystrokes CTRL+E, CTRL+R, CTRL+I, etc. You can still use CTRL+arrows, CTRL+A, CTRL+C, V, and X. All non-CTRL keyboard navigations work.
- You can now insert ÿcb with CTRL+B, ÿci with CTRL+I, and ÿcu with CTRL+U, just like in the send box.
- Bugs involving the selected text becoming non-white while entering text into them have been corrected.
- Fields left empty or made empty will no longer be filled with " " (a single space) when saved.
In the profile reader:
- Fixed a bug with the general rich text box ColorModify() function which replaces ÿcX and ÁX codes with their font or color, where the style ended one character before the end of the text.

1782: Ribose:
- Fixed: when certain slash commands such as /me and /emote passed through AddQ() an extra space was added after the command word making "/me text" into "/me  text".
- Fixed: when certain slash commands such as /whois and /f l passed through AddQ() an extra space was added after the command text making "/whois user" into "/whois user ".
- Fixed: when Diablo Shareware is selected and the settings form is closed and reopened, the check box for Shareware is no longer checked.
- Fixed a bug that occurs when you edit your own profile. When certain profile actions occur afterward, they are replaced by editing your profile instead (including the internal account times requested during the logon sequence).
- Fixed a bug where if your bot's development build is greater than the one returned by the website, you are told to upgrade instead of that you are using a development build.
- Fixed problems with my previous commit:
  - Now the carat should properly stay at the end of the RTB after an AddChat that contains color or style codes (ex: ÿcb).
  - The carat should not keep the same spot if the focus is not on the RTB.
  - Focus should be determined correctly if the scrollbar is not at the bottom of the RTB.
- SSC.RequestProfileKey() should now actually return with a single Event_KeyReturn() call with the correct key, as long as only one key is requested at a time. If you actually want to make full use of packet SID_READUSERDATA, you should send and handle the packet yourself.

Build 476

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-15
  • SVN Rev: 1781
  • Notes:
1781: Ribose:
- When the chat rich text box's carat is not at the end and any text is printed to the box (for any event), it will now store the location of the carat and selected text and then restore the carat to its previous location and selection to its previous length, rather than its current behavior of moving the carat at the end. It will also keep focus on the rich text box if that's where focus was before the message was added. This is for users who want to view and copy text from the rich text box in a busy channel more easily.

Build 475

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-12
  • SVN Rev: 1780
  • Notes:
1780: Hdx:
The bot will now add a space to the beginning of any additional line that starts with a / after being split for sending to
Prevents long messages from having the ability to execute commands.

1779: Ribose:
- Completed support for the DRTL, DSHR, JSTR (warning! this client sends your CD-Key in plain text), and SSHR login systems. These clients cannot join private channels.
- Updated configuration form to support Diablo, Diablo Shareware, StarCraft Shareware, StarCraft Japanese and the spawn option for StarCraft, StarCraft Japanese, and WarCraft II BNE. Spawns cannot join private channels.
- The "Telnet Chat" button is removed for now.
- The hash path displayed on the advanced configuration panel is the correct one as provided by CheckRevision.ini.
- [Override] XXHashes= has been removed since local hashing is done through Warden.dll and CheckRevision.ini. Set [CRev_XX] Path= in CheckRevision.ini to change the hash path.
- Made login AddChat() calls consistent for old/legacy login system clients.

Build 474

  • Compile Date: 2010-08-11
  • SVN Rev: 1778
  • Notes:
1778: Hdx:
Added CRev Debug information output to SID_STARTVERSIONING. Use the command line -debug -crev

1777: Hdx:
Fixed a typo that screwed up D2/LOD VerByte config overrides.

Build 473

  • Compile Date: 2010-05-03
  • SVN Rev: 1776
  • Notes:
1776: Hdx:
Added a fix for:
Will now consider any name that is numeric but larger then 4 digits a name, not a index. 
But, if that index is greater then the number of users in the channel, it will attempt to find the user by name.

1775: Hdx:
Made the config override AutoModerationSafelistValue actually useful, it now is more accurately 'AutoSafeListRank' but I didn't rename it.

Build 472

  • Compile Date: 2010-03-14
  • SVN Rev: 1774
  • Notes:
1774: Ribose:
- Avoided a run-time error that occurs if the Event_ClanCandidateList(Users()) attempts to fire when zero candidates were returned.
  Instead an array of one empty string will be passed to the event (pending a better solution).
- Fixed the "Add to Left Send Box" context menu item so that it is correctly enabled on first-run.

1773: Ribose:
- Fixed the mistake in .banlistcount (thanks PhiX).

1772: Ribose:
For Script Repository support:
- StealthBot can now be told to reload script via SendMessage()
- Exposed frmChat's hWnd via SSC.GetChathWnd()

1771: Ribose:
- Fixed a run-time error that can occur if the e-mail registration dialog is open while the bot is closing (thanks Tuck).
- Fixed a run-time error that occurs if the MCP (realm) server does not respond to your character list request before one second
elapses (index out of bounds).
- Naming conventions now affect the CommandObj (command instances) username property (thanks Tuck).

- Narrowed the launcher UI's listview column width so that there is no horizontal scrollbar on the bottom.
- Set the launcher UI's default button to launch the selected profile.
- When the launcher UI's listview is not focused, it will not hide the selection.

Build 470

  • Compile Date: 2010-03-03
  • SVN Rev: 1770
  • Notes:
1770: Ribose:
- All messages sent to AddChat from the bot now use a color setting as opposed to vbRed or vbYellow.
- Commands can no longer be created with non-alphanumeric characters in their name to prevent any XPath RTEs.
- The Users database text file is now written to properly ([CR][LF] between each entry instead of [CR][CR][LF])
- CreateObj() will now call AddChat with an error message if the provided object name (second argument)
is not a valid identifier, so that scripters can better know of the problem.
- The Self color in the clan list is now affected by the "Disable channel list name coloring" setting.

Build 469

  • Compile Date: 2010-03-02
  • SVN Rev: 1769
  • Notes:
1769: Ribose:
- Added a setting "Show user flag-based icons" which allows you to toggle whether the channel list
will replace the user's game icon (stats or no stats-based icon) with the Channel op (hammer),
Blizzard rep, admin, or squelched icon. Defaults to enabled. You can use this to make it
feel more like WarCraft III by setting the ops users to gold and turning this option off.
- Clan members in the clan tab now show a tooltip like users and friends in the other two tabs do, with clan rank and online status.
- The clan list will now give you (the bot) the "Channel List | Self" color value (default: white), so you can find the bot quickly in the clan list.

1768: Ribose:
- Fixed a bug where myChannel does not start with naming conventions when you log on.
- When a Diablo II character is changed while the account is in channel, the icon and name will now reflect the changes.
- When logged onto a Diablo II character and you switch character while in chat (using a script), your icon and name and all internal representations of your name will now be updated.
- Changed the color settings for the channel list:
  Channel List | Normal Users - applies to anyone without another color (default: greenish)
  Channel List | Self - applies to you in the channel list (default: white)
  Channel List | Idle Users - applies to idle (grayed) users (default: gray)
  Channel List | Squelched Users - applies to squelched users (default: maroon)
  Channel List | Operators - applies to operators (default: light gray)
- "Channel list | Text" color setting was renamed to "Channel List | Normal Users" (only in the UI) and now correctly applies to channel list, friend list, and clan list users

1767: Ribose:
- Implemented stats icons for all clients (thanks to Tuck for Diablo II character icons).

1765: Ribose:
- Changed naming convention settings interface so that it is easier to understand/control (most of the underlying code is unchanged, except for fixes!):
  "Gateway naming conventions" allow you to change how the entire bot (and scripts) see @gateways displayed on usernames:
    [ Default ] - use the default setting for the bot's selected client
    [ Legacy ] - show users as if the bot was using a "legacy" client such as StarCraft or WarCraft II
    [ WarCraft III ] - show users as if the bot was using WarCraft III
    [ Show all ] - show all users with their respective gateway
  "Use D2 naming conventions" option allows you to change how the entire bot (and scripts) see D2 character names in usernames:
    Checked - show users as the Diablo II client shows them: in the format CharacterName (*UserName) or *UserName
    * Gateway naming conventions apply to the UserName in D2 conventions
    * This works for any client but will not show character name if unknown (not in the same channel as the D2 character with a non-D2 client)
    Unchecked - show users as any other clients show them
  As before, naming convention settings affect all .DisplayName properties, Username arguments in script events, and how the bot handles username input.
- Fixed bugs involving unknown "Self" in the user list when D2 naming conventions are used.
- Fixed the popup (context) menu items that weren't working when D2 naming conventions are used.
- Correctly applies D2 naming conventions to your username when chatting.
- Changed friend list online-state icons to appear like those in the clan list rather than a red or green rectangle.
- Cleaned up the settings form, ordering control tab indexes, removed unused panel 4, made several combo boxes properly read-only, made the Accept and Cancel buttons properly as the form's Default and Cancel buttons so that enter and escape fire the right one respectively.
- Enabled and completed implementation of "Show user stats icons" setting (not sure why it wasn't?)

1764: Ribose:
- Install now includes Hdx's updated (hexed) BNCSutil.dll that correctly decodes "new" StarCraft keys.

Build 465

  • Compile Date: 2010-02-21
  • SVN Rev: 1763
  • Notes:
1761: Ribose:
- Fixed overflow in QueueTimer_Timer (QueueTimerProc) due to ID being declared locally as Integer.
- Possibly fixed overflow in AddQ.

1759: Ribose:
- Fixed: ALT-R from the whisper window did not reload scripts.
- Added: Scripting Winsock _ConnectionRequest(requestID) event.
- Scripting UI:
  - Added: FRAME control, a "group box"; CreateObj("Frame", "objectname")
  - Added: PROGRESSBAR control; CreateObj("ProgressBar", "objectname")
  - Form events:
    - Form _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
    - Form _QueryUnload() can now be vetoed (signature changed).
    - Form _Unload() can now be vetoed (IMPORTANT! signature changed).
  - Command button events:
    - Command _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
  - List box events:
    - List box _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
  - List view events:
    - List view _AfterLabelEdit(NewString) can now be vetoed (signature changed).
    - List view _BeforeLabelEdit() can now be vetoed (signature changed).
    - List view _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
  - Option button events:
    - Option _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
  - Picture box events:
    - Picture _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
    - Picture _LinkOpen() can now be vetoed (signature changed).
  - Richtext box events:
    - Richtext _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
  - Text box events:
    - Text _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
  - Checkbox events:
    - Checkbox _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
  - Combo box events:
    - Combo _KeyPress(KeyAscii) can now be vetoed.
  - Tree view events:
    - Added many missing events. Events that can be vetoed: _AfterLabelEdit(NewString), _BeforeLabelEdit(), _KeyPress(KeyAscii).
- You can no longer override the contents of a script's Script variable in order to cause an RTE. Instead only that script will become possibly unusable.

1758: Ribose:
- Fixed greet command, subcommand "set".

1757: Ribose:
- Fixed a problem where a commands.XML-defined error would be outputted multiple times for some scripted commands.

Build 462

  • Compile Date: 2010-02-07
  • SVN Rev: 1756
  • Notes:
1756: Ribose:
- Changed wording of "status"/no-subcommand responses to clearly tell that they are not changing a setting.
  * Changed ".whispercmds" responses to:
    Command responses are currently whispered back.
    Command responses are currently displayed publicly.
  * Changed ".chpw" responses to:
    Channel password protection is currently enabled.
    Channel password protection is currently disabled.
  * Changed ".idlebans" responses to:
    Idle kicking/banning is currently enabled with a delay of X seconds.
    Idlebanning is currently disabled.
  * Changed ".koy" responses to:
    Kick-on-yell is currently enabled.
    Kick-on-yell is currently disabled.

1755: Ribose:
- .safedel no longer only outputs internally.

1754: Ribose:
- Fixed ShellExecute() calls to use vbNullString and not 0& (was breaking URLs in RTBs).

1753: Ribose:
- All calls to ShellExecute() such as to view logs should now work.

1751: Ribose:
- Enable/Disable script commands now change the checked status on the scripting menu.
- Attempting to make the bot destroy objects better on close and close properly when run in debug mode.

1750: Ribose:
- Undoing revision 1738: It broke the queue.

1749: Ribose:
- SSC.Connect() will disconnect the current connection.
- SSC.CRC32() will return a Long (as opposed to a String?)
- SSC.ClearScreen() now takes an integer optional parameter:
  1 - clear chat window only, -1 or True also does this (backwards compatibility)
  2 - clear whisper window only
  3 - clear both chat and whisper windows (default if optional parameter omitted), 0 or False also does this
- Fixed the clear screen system so that it properly clears only the windows instructed to.
- SSC.WinGetWindowLong() mirrors API GetWindowLong()
- SSC.WinSetWindowLong() mirrors API SetWindowLong()

Build 457

  • Compile Date: 2009-12-23
  • SVN Rev: 1747
  • Notes:
1747: Hdx:
- Fixed a problem involving spaces and commands.

Build 456

  • Compile Date: 2009-12-09
  • SVN Rev: 1746
  • Notes:
1746: Hdx
- Typo fix.

1745: Ribose
- Changed the default ban message calculation:
  If a user matches a banned clan, ban message will default to "Clanban: clan tag".
  If a user matches a banned game, ban message will default to "Clientban: client".
  If a user matches a banned wildcard entry, ban message will default to "Tagban: tag".
  Otherwise, ban message will default to "Shitlisted" (same as before).
  If a ban message was provided with the matched entry, that will still be used.

Build 454

  • Compile Date: 2009-11-22
  • SVN Rev: 1744
  • Notes:
1744: Ribose
- Fixing a potential bug with the DisableScripts Override and reload config.
- Fixed errors that occur when menus are destroyed that are not direct descendants of a script's root menu.

Build 453

  • Compile Date: 2009-11-17
  • SVN Rev: 1743
  • Notes:
1743: Ribose
- Fixed Event_FlagsUpdate in the same manner as in build 1645 for the feature I added in build 1497 (skipping default channel).

1742: Ribose
- Fixed .IsInChannel() to not return true when LocationID = 4 (in a game).

1741: Ribose
- Fixed so that users on Open II with a username ending with ")" no longer lose the ")" when CleanUsername() is called.

1740: Ribose
- [Override] DisableScripts=Y will stop the script control from initializing, and no scripts will load or events will fire. The scripting menu will be hidden. Requires more testing (that's what dev releases are for right?).

1739: Ribose
- Fixed "/qt off" so that it stores QuietTime=N in [Main] where the option normally is...

1738: Ribose
- Added Queue.Credits for scripting: returns number of credits currently stored.
- Added Queue.GetDelayFor(message) for scripting: returns number of milliseconds until a specified message would be sent without modifying the queue's credits or last sent values.

1737: Ribose
- Fixed an issue with the dash between the default menus (Enabled/Disabled, View Script) and custom menus that occurs for scripts with spaces in their name, by making the dash always present but hidden, instead of created on the fly with the first custom menu. (commonly seen as: Error (#1011): Expected '=' in DestroyObj().)

1735: Hdx
Fixed Error #35600 for Warcraft III users who were in a clan.

1734: Hdx
  Added Optional Argument "Spacer", This will go between every hex digit, people usually use Space$(1) for nice debugging print
  inHex will now properly pad characters that are < 0x10 with a leading 0, Chr$(6) becomes "06" instead of "6"
  EXA:   SSC.XSHA1("asdfg", True, Space(1)) becomes "78 bf 06 6f c6 c5 f6 1b a7 6c 65 0e a9 97 a2 52 65 36 04 ab"

Build 447

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-16
  • SVN Rev: 1733
  • Notes:
1733: Hdx
Greet Set command will give confirmation response now.

1732: Hdx
Updated Web WC3 profile lookup URL to correct one.

Build 443

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-10
  • SVN Rev: 1731
  • Notes:
1731: Hdx
Fixed Path issues in Old CheckRevision, Will now check the install path for Non-Lockdown Checkrevisions.

1730: Hdx
Fixed Error: #13: Type mismatch in modCommandsInfo.onHelpAttr().

1728: 52
GetCommands now returns a collection for enabled internal commands 
GetCommandCount no longer fails when a script name has an apostrophe

Build 442

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-10
  • SVN Rev: 1727
  • Notes:
1726: Hdx
WhoAmI output will now respond with the proper username.

1727: 52
Fixed error #457 with SSC.GetUserDatabase()

Build 441

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-09
  • SVN Rev: 1725
  • Notes:

1721: Hdx
New OverRide:
  Will Change the Logon System SB uses for that product.
  1 = New Logon System (SID_AUTH_*)
  2 = Old Logon System (SID_CLIENTID2)

Added support for's Old Logon System (SID_CLIENTID2)
Warcraft II: BNE will use the OLS as default.

1722: Hdx
Typo in AllowMP3 Description
Changed error handlers in clsQuoteObj not to use MsgBox..

1723: Hdx
Fixed Error #9 in clsQuotesObj.getRandomQuote
Fixed The Vote command
Fixed Error 13, Type Mismatch if the bot was whispered while Voteing was turned on.
Added Missing Error Handlers

1724: Hdx
The bot will recognise that it is in a clan if you login multiple times (Username#2 Username#3 etc..)

1725: Hdx
WhoAmI will now respond to users with no access (0 rank/no flags) if bot owner lowers the required access to that command to 0.
Fixed OpenCommand issue with Script Commands..

Build 440

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-07
  • SVN Rev: 1720
  • Notes:
1720: Hdx
Added Missing Error Handlers to the Launcher
The bot will notify you if there was a non-critical error with the launcher
Launcher will now give more informative error information when CRC fails.

Build 439

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-07
  • SVN Rev: 1719
  • Notes:
1719: Hdx
Bot will no longer show error message for outdated version if you are using the latest Build. (Even if it is not the public build)
clsCommandDocObj.OpenCommand will work with commands that have been modified by the Command Manger (or anything else that calls clsCommandDocObj.Save)

Build 438

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-07
  • SVN Rev: 1718
  • Notes:
1718: Hdx
Fixed path issues with Warden.dll, Was using Current Directory, not App.Path
Fixed 0ms Ping Spoofing

Build 437

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-06
  • SVN Rev: 1717
  • Notes:
1717: 52
CheckRevision.ini is now packaged with the installer.

Build 436

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-06
  • SVN Rev: 1716
  • Notes:
1716: Hdx
modBNCS.SEND_SID_AUTH_INFO() will now use modOtherCode.aton()[moved from clsNLS] to convert local IP address to a dword.
Should fix Error #6 OverFlow in modBNCS.SEND_SID_AUTH_INFO

Build 435

  • Compile Date: 2009-10-06
  • SVN Rev: 1715

Initial 2.7 release, Many changes (We're working on the main changelog)

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