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In a WarCraft III clan, there are four possible ranks: chieftain, shaman, grunt, and peon. Sometimes they are referred to as leader, officer, member, and initiate, respectively.



The chieftain is the user who created the clan. He can also be given the position by another chieftain (giving up the previous user's position to become a grunt).

There is only one chieftain in any clan.

The chieftain can promote, demote, or kick-out any other member. He can also disband the clan or give clan leadership to another member. The chieftain is given ops in the clan's channel.


There can be zero to five shamans in any clan.

Shamans can promote, demote, or kick-out any other member except other shamans or the chieftain. Shamans are given ops in the clan's channel.

Grunts and peons

All other members are either grunts or peons. The difference between these ranks gives no other abilities except that grunts are listed before peons in the clan list.

Probation period

All members of a clan start off with a 7-day probation period. Members in this rank are always peons and cannot be promoted, be kicked-out, or leave. At the end of the period, they are automatically promoted to grunts and allow normal clan actions. When a clan is created, the nine members that the leader invited are in the 7-day probation period, so newly created clans must wait 7 days before having shamans. Members in probation can be differentiated in scripting from peons demoted to that position.

In scripting

In scripting, a clan rank is a flag-like number specifying a user's current rank in a WarCraft III clan.

Possible values

They are listed below in hexadecimal notation. In scripting, these flags can be combined and compared using the VBScript bitwise operators.

  • 0x00 = Peon (7-day probation period)
  • 0x01 = Peon
  • 0x02 = Grunt
  • 0x03 = Shaman
  • 0x04 = Chieftain

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