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[BUG#001] - Certain Characters in script name causing xml errors. TOPIC LINK
Found in version: 2.7.0
Fixed in version:
Development Build
Release Build
Assigned To:

There is an error when saving a command that was created by a script with certain characters in the script name. The only character that is known to be unacceptable is the apostrophe. The error message is as follows:

Error: Expected token ']' found 'NAME'.

/commands/command[@owner='SuI[C]IdE'-->s <--DotA League Script'] in clsCommandDocObj.GetCommands()

  1. Change the name of the script to no longer use an unacceptable character.
  2. Delete the commands.xml from the profile's folder
  3. Reload bot settings
  4. Reload scripts
Expected Solution

Modifiy the code to either disallow the unacceptable characters in the script name or modify the code to work even when using an unacceptable character.