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  1. Unable to save any Settings

    Posted 26 Jan 2021

    Hello, I can connect fine and all, but I'm unable to change any settings.

    For example: I hit "Use Diablo 2 Client" and click "Apply and Close". I open up the settings and it's still unchecked, for all adjustment I made.
    Same goes for "Hide join / leave messages", "Use UTF-8 in chat" - simply everything goes undone when I either go into settings or restart.

    I've registered all needed files btw., but still, I think I miss something and have no clue, what is messing this up.
  2. BNLS servers unreachable

    Posted 17 Mar 2015

    Hello Ladys and Gents,

    since merely 2 weeks I keep messing with it and I'm nearly done now.
    Except it's not just for me I'd don't wanted to riot about it, I'm also in no rush, just kinda sad.
    Well, the location is germany, so as the others. Also everyone in this area keeps being in an unstable connection due:
    [BNLS] Error 10060: The attempt to connect timed out
    [BNLS] The server took too long to respond to your computer. The BNLS server appears to be unreachable at this time.
    It appears, that every single BNLS-server is in this state here. Do you know any source of this causes?
    Okay, someones have really harsh luck and could evidently connect sometimes, but for me it wasn't working one single time since then.

    Any solutions for this in nowadays?

    greetZ - Kicher.

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