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  1. Question about Sb (invite/access/commands)

    Posted 15 Apr 2011

    Hello everybody,

    I'm absolutly new here and hope I am right here since the main topic is called "discussion" :)

    I made already some expirence with the currently running Bots (D2nt & Public Bot)
    atm. I have a running system for my well running bots (dia/baal runs @ Diablo2 LoD)

    Now I decided to move my Bot's into a Op Channel operated with the StealthBot though.
    I watched around and read some quides for how to Install Sb and finaly hav Sb running succesfull in my channel(also had read that I have to download the CCX.txt and put it into the script folder (in thought to make commands possible, right? ...after all I have refreshed/started the programm new with the message: Scripts loaded, Loaded 0plugins (0 enabled)

    hope till here I made it correct...

    Now my question is, what must I do or how I bring the Bot to wisp back a message if any Person XY join my Channel and type for exaple: .games to see what currently game is running (atm. my Nt-bot is writing each game into the channel before createing)

    other things would be... how can friends host their runs in my channel aswell, that they are listed when someone is iso. with that .game command (just copaired to other channel runs)

    wellwell, hope this is not a too nubished question,
    I'm thankfull for every help or forwarding me to a dummi guide ;D

    Thank you in advance,

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