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  1. In Topic: is sb ganna get fixed

    Posted 14 Dec 2018

    fix sb plz
  2. In Topic: is sb ganna get fixed

    Posted 12 Dec 2018

    ya but 1 bot will not keep clan from expiring it takes 10 bots
  3. In Topic: Resolved: "Version check failed!" Issue

    Posted 13 Sep 2018

    ya my war3 channel bot is saying verbyte 0x1e has been cached for the next connection. if the hardcoded verbyte is incorrect please override
    i think the verbyte has changed can i get the verbyte plz
  4. In Topic: shitlist

    Posted 4 Apr 2013

    im a pro at fighting flood bots I just want to know how to shitlist star craft and sexp I put up 39 op bots when I get flooded so I use shitlist to ipban them
    if you ip ban them there proxies run out faster btw I use 39 different connections we are a very big clan we only set 5 bots to shitlist so we wont flood out are bots I also set delays on bans that also helps
  5. In Topic: bcp question

    Posted 7 Feb 2012

    View Post funeral_mist, on January 17, 2012 - 08:34 AM, said:

    /bcp purge from the console

    wtf whats that mean iso ez way to reset runs lol

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