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  1. Split from topic 2522

    Posted 10 Jan 2010

    This is how I created my Slap command.

    Private Sub CreateCmds()
       Set cmd = OpenCommand("Slap"
       If cmd Is Nothing Then
          Set cmd = CreateCommand("slap"
          With cmd
             Set Parameter = .NewParameter("Username"
    , False, "word")
             With Parameter
                .Description = "The Username that gets slapped."
             End With
             .Parameters.Add Parameter
             .RequiredRank = 50
             .Description = "Slaps a hoe."
    		End With
    	End If
  2. Fooled Again

    Posted 11 Dec 2009

    So, about a week ago I got something in the mail from Washington D.C. The letter was for some NYLF about Military Intelligence and Security, and I was like ALRIGHT! I wanted to go, but they said I had to wait for my enrollment papers that came yesterday. Excited, I tore through the letter, looking at what I had to fill out, and there was a message from the dean of some college that had written me a couple of paragraphs about why I was chosen. I started to read and I was like THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESO... then I saw that it said they first noticed my excellence on the ACT. Sadly, I haven't taken the ACT yet, and the papers were trashed. Fooled again by those selfish bastards who just want money from us and to not teach us about important things. Damn.
  3. Thy Future

    Posted 29 Nov 2009

    Well, you play those games (Mass Effect, Dead Space, Halo 3,), You watch those movies (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc), and you find yourself wondering, man will life ever be like that? Well, obviously not because they are just stories because thought of while tripping on acid, but with growing technology today, do you think we will ever get to the point of "futuristic"? Yes, I have considered 2012, and the religious dates (Armageddon), but if they come out to be nothing but hoax, where do you think our civilization will go?

    Just a thought that went across my head and wanted to hear some opinions.
  4. Uprising

    Posted 4 Nov 2009

    Fellow members of Stealthbot, Hello. For years now, we have been mistreated, abused and put down. Well I say no more. We must rise up against those who think they are better than us. Those people who have standing in the community, and must destroy them. We shall go and pick them off, one by one. Murder them in their sleep, or when they are doing the sex. We shall show them a new world, and usher in a brighter future for the feeble, lowly members of the SB community and eradicate all those who oppose. Come now, the uprising will occur at 7:30 P.M. Central time, on November the 5th. Let us ride to victory!

  5. Where the wild things are.

    Posted 11 Oct 2009

    Something that PhiX wouldn't know about.

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