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  1. Is it true?

    Posted 2 Apr 2010

    Is SuI©IdE Actually banned?!?!?! If so, What the hell took you mods so long lol....
  2. Stealthbot's installer.

    Posted 5 Mar 2010

    Well it seems everytime you guys create a new build of stealthbot, my stealthbot on my desktop reinstalls the current version using the old installer on my desktop, and when i remove the installer from my desktop and you guys come out with a new build, stealthbot trys to install its usuall outdated self over again, and then it errors cause the installer isn't there anymore =(

    So it looks like in short, i can't run stealthbot without an outdated installer on my desktop lol....

    P.S. I think you guys *may* have a bug with your system uptime, once it gets to around 30-40 days the uptime will reset, im trying to verify this again, i will tell back in a few days =P
  3. Warden's back up T_T

    Posted 9 Jan 2010

    Looks like warden was re-enabled some time last night for WC3 because my autohost bot kept i changed his BNLS server and well.... yeah

    [02:09:59 PM] <Eros[TBR5]> WARDEN STATUS --- 13 requests received, 13 responses sent.
  4. Winamp //play bug.

    Posted 7 Jan 2010

    Kinda a minor bug but annoying....


    [05:18:53 PM] <FiReFoX> Now playing track: Disturbed - The Night
    [05:18:58 PM] <FiReFoX> Now playing track: Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become

    It was playing The night, and i typed //play Animal it restarted the song The Night, so i typed //play Animal again and finally it started playing Animal i have become.
  5. Server Split

    Posted 8 Dec 2009

    This isn't really important, its just getting annoying.

    Every time i log onto bnet i get this


    [04:44:49 PM] Warning: There was a flags update received for a user that we do not have a record for. This may be indicative of a server split or other technical difficulty.

    Don't know why and or care, just though id tell you guys.

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    Jan 10 2010 - 10:16
    he makes me lulz
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    Dec 29 2009 - 11:40
    He's an idiot T_T i don't really care lol
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    Dec 28 2009 - 12:38
    Is there a way to squelch this guy? He is really annoying
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    Oct 18 2009 - 19:51
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