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  1. A StealthBot Flashback

    Posted 12 Aug 2019

    I was going through some really old pictures earlier, and I came across this gem again. Talk about a flashback to the old days! I can't remember who originally posted it on the old forum, but it still makes me laugh to this day.

    Posted Image
  2. StarCraft Future

    Posted 27 Jul 2017

    I know given the state of things, this is going to be a sore here goes anyway.

    With StarCraft receiving updates again, and a Remastered version coming out which is growing heavily in popularity, maybe it is time for StealthBot to make a comeback in the Battle.Net 1.0 (or 1.5?) arena. A lot of people I run into are always bringing up the subject of how much they loved StealthBot, and obviously there is still a need for it with classic chat remaining in the newer versions of StarCraft. The older games are also getting a smaller popularity gain from the new changes to the legacy versions of Battle.Net. Another beta discussion, anyone?
  3. Spam: 1337 Prayer

    Posted 22 Sep 2015

    I was going through my external hard drive today, and I came across an old copy+pasted text document that made me laugh. It is an old chatlog, likely from Clan SBs, (the StealthBot Tech Support channel).


    [8:38:58 PM] <Hdx> <Firefly> Time for my prayers:
    [8:38:58 PM] <Hdx> <Firefly> Our Father, who 0wnz heaven, j00 r0ck!
    [8:39:00 PM] <Hdx> <Firefly> May all 0ur base someday be belong to you!
    [8:39:01 PM] <Hdx> <Firefly> May j00 0wn earth just like j00 0wn heaven.
    [8:39:04 PM] <Hdx> <Firefly> Give us this day our warez, mp3z, and pr0n through a phat pipe.
    [8:39:10 PM] <Hdx> <Firefly> And cut us some slack when we act like n00b lamerz, just as we teach n00bz when they act lame on us.
    [8:39:16 PM] <Hdx> <Firefly> Please don't give us root access on some poor d00d'z box when we're too pissed off to think about what's right and wrong, and if you could keep the fbi off our backs, we'd appreciate it.
    [8:39:29 PM] <Hdx> <Firefly> For j00 0wn r00t on all our b0x3s 4ever and ever, 4m3n.

    Although the exact date is unknown, the text document is marked from February 27th, 2007. Fun memories...
  4. SB 3.0

    Posted 4 Aug 2011

    Here's my suggestion:

    Make it or give the fuck up, cuz you guys are trolling around like you're waiting for someone else to step up and take over...seriously, this is just sad.
  5. StealthBot.Net's Italian Spam Fans

    Posted 18 Jul 2011

    Just received this hilarious little spam email in Italian from a user here on StealthBot.Net referencing the site, but it was emailed to me directly rather than PM'ed. It's obviously a bot. I used Google Translate on it, so expect many grammatical errors as this is the rough translation to English. Enjoy!

    Translated In English:


    good morning

    With my message I propose a link exchange, SEO, ie links that enhance the results of the sites in search engines.
    Today there are search engines to provide more traffic for webmasters like us.

    Exchanging links with I hope to help your and my website to get best results on engines, Google in the lead.

    All of this is the proposed free of charge, as rightly you expect.

    What do you think, if you can speak? In this case, let us see how you can do and which of my sites.

    Linda Miller

    Original In Italian:



    Con questo mio messaggio le propongo uno scambio di links SEO, cioè links destinati a ottimizzare i risultati dei siti nei motori di ricerca.
    Oggigiorno sono i motori di ricerca a fornire più traffico ai webmaster come noi.

    Scambiando links con spero di aiutare il vostro e il mio sito ad avere migliori risultati sui motori, Google in testa.

    Tutto ciò le è proposto senza spesa alcuna, come giustamente lei si aspetta.

    Cosa ne pensa, se ne può parlare? In questo caso, vediamo insieme come si può fare e con quali dei miei siti.

    Cordiali saluti.
    Linda Miller

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