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  1. In Topic: AFK script

    Posted 28 Feb 2010

    The-Black- Ninja, on 28 February 2010 - 07:05 AM, said:

    Don't edit anything of mine again. What you did was completely wrong. Yes, you did fix it so that it does what Tick wanted, but you totally removed the option of making the command " .afklist name ", making the documentation in the Command Manager wrong now. The two people using your fix are now using something that's wrong. Way to go.

    Since "Case else" includes "Case "name"" it does not remove the option, but okay no point in arguing. Hf keeping your scipts 'clean'.
  2. In Topic: Gitmo Prisoners = H1N1 Vaccines?

    Posted 12 Nov 2009

    h1n1 is too not interesting to be interesting

    And to the prisoners:
    "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights."
    So give it to anyone or give it to none.
  3. In Topic: Mircosoft's Windows 7

    Posted 30 Oct 2009

    As I said before I am using XP but i so love those Ads
    Tetter Tottering
    PC News
    any my #1
    Broken Promises
  4. In Topic: Mircosoft's Windows 7

    Posted 22 Oct 2009

    I ll stay on XP till Service Pack 1 maybe 2 is released for Win 7
    stable systems >> some new funky features
  5. In Topic: Resolved: Warden Issue

    Posted 7 Oct 2009

    Had the same Issue but it was quite easy to fix:
    Your bot prolly doesn't create the CheckRevision.ini and use the Launcher.exe to start the bot.

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