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  1. POC - Advance Dota League

    Posted 29 Jun 2010

    Proof of Concept

    What this script has that no other script has:
    1. Multi Realm Support (even able to support Garena, not fully connected)
    2. Forum Intergration (much better then those out there).
    3. Better proformance.
    4. Better Queue (not fully stable)
    5. Smarter team balancing

    At the moment the scripts not done, but I have bots up on east and west. On west its in Clan DcL and on east its in Clan xD else Clan DcL. To register you have to create a forum account at and read and follow the steps in the DcL forums. This script is incomplete but operational. Not all commands implemented but enough to allow basic game creation.

    As far as source code. I do not plan on releasing it publicly, but serve as a benchmark on some of the bots capabilities. I will gladly assist or help towards some of the methods I have used to accomplish certain task.
  2. Tray Icons

    Posted 23 Mar 2010

    The Tray Icons keep disappearing. I have about 10 stealthbot running and randomly a few of the icons disappear and there is no way to use bot, they still run and operate functionally
  3. Resolved: PHP_CLI, Pythong, etc

    Posted 12 Feb 2010

    Anyone have an idea on how i can run a python file or a php file, perl, etc and return the output into a string. What I'm really looking for is php_cli. I figure you use wscript or so
  4. Error with Queue

    Posted 22 Nov 2009

    No Queue Overrides, using dev build 453

    I manually type 1 2 3 4 5 6, previously tested it with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (but floods, so not doing it again).

    Seems the queue delay might not be working, because there was a 0 delay between 2 3 4 5. as it all came out at once.


    [12:23:49 PM] <AbsoluteMSTR> 1
    [12:23:49 PM] <AbsoluteMSTR> 2
    [12:23:50 PM] <AbsoluteMSTR> 3
    [12:23:50 PM] <AbsoluteMSTR> 4
    [12:23:50 PM] <AbsoluteMSTR> 5
    [12:23:51 PM] <AbsoluteMSTR> 6

    If i went up to 7, i probably flood out too
  5. Facebook Connection

    Posted 17 Aug 2009

    I noticed this is ipb 3.0 and ipb has a built in feature to handle facebook. You planning on setting up a facebook connection

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