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  1. Question: is there a command to make a wc3 bot accept a clan invite?

    Posted 9 Feb 2011

    Thanks, we have 11 stealthbots plus a real game client to make a clan, but some people are AFK...
  2. How do people get more than 7 ops bots in same channel at once?

    Posted 7 Feb 2010

    I remember seeing clan channels that had more than 7 ops bots at once which is i guess more than the usual 5 shaman, 1 chiefton and the one ddp spot.

    Is stealthbot capable of doing this glitch?

    I don't understand this concept, if stealthbot is not capable an explanation would be nice.

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  3. Resolved: Something annoying...

    Posted 18 Jan 2010

    is there anyway to disable .kick *
  4. List of variables for CCX script?

    Posted 21 Dec 2009

    I know there is a list somewhere out there that lists every variable for the ccx, link appreciated :)
  5. From TID 2187

    Posted 19 Dec 2009

    make sure you give your in game account 200 access by typing
    /add YourAccountHere 200
    from inside the bot.

    give your friends access too with amounts according to how trusted they are.

    But yeah it says all that in the wiki link ace gave.

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