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  1. In Topic: [LESS AWESOME] SB Status - [SAUCE]

    Posted 31 Mar 2015

    I saw "Last post March 2015" and so I (the reminiscent dude) came here :D
  2. In Topic: Connection stuck at [BNCS] Checking version

    Posted 20 Aug 2010

    I just started to have the same problem.

    When i use the actual game (Diablo II LoD) to connect I get the error:

    Quote is unable to properly identify your application version.

    the same thing is also happening to a few friends at the moment, so I think it's a problem with
  3. In Topic: Flooding IPBan

    Posted 30 Jun 2010

    You are probably what is called "tagged".

    In my opinion I think things were recently set to be more strict in warden (I mean how many messages you can send in a certain amount of time might have been adjusted)as an effort to stop spam or something. Just a thought as to why I have also been getting IP tagged lately as well :P

    My way around this is using and alternating different wifi every few days or so (belonging to neighbors w/ permission), but not every day... ever since I started doing this I think I've been flooding less. Good luck.
  4. In Topic: AntiFlood Script

    Posted 8 Jun 2010

    two more small suggestions, after users are swept (kicked) and the clan is privated it may be helpful for the bot to spam instructions for whoever is left in the channel (most likely trusted clan members and safelisted users)

    Instructions displayed for members at this time can be like this:
    "The channel is now under (spam bot) protection. Do NOT make the channel public with any outside commands. Type .floodreset to disable protection or .antiflood to re enable."

    Another thing,


    I'll add some more options later to only count other products.

    this would be great because more than 99.99% of spam bots are used with only the SEXP client or STAR.

    thanks again AwaKening
  5. In Topic: Shaman Rotation Script

    Posted 2 Mar 2010

    it doesn't happen when script is reloaded, just when adding a shaman, but yeah it still works, so it's ok :)

    and i do have game specific conventions so even though i have it on a WC3 chiefton i still have to type [email protected] to add the correct users to the shaman list.

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    I read it.
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    haha i know :(
    whats the new rep system?
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    happy halloween :)
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    hey rich. Clan Soda. rich = god.
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