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  1. delete me

    Posted 21 Sep 2012

    delete me
  2. Some help with commands

    Posted 18 Feb 2010

    I have a few things which I can't remember nor can find since site been updated.

    First thing: I want to add .rules so when the bot is wispered it or its said in channel, the person is wispered a response of rules.
    I also want to add a few more . commands like that for anyone to message

    Another one I want to add a command for the admins I have setup (all got 200 access) .utadd charname 60 forumname
    When added I want it to send the user a message/series of messages
    I also need/want the command .start charname (this initiates the timer)
    I would also like the character to be able to message the bot with .time and it to respond with how long they have left. (If they do .time before I have done .start I want the bot to message them, if they try .time before they have been added I want them to receive a message)
    After 60mins it would message the person with /w CharacterName ## alert ## Your time of 60 Minutes has expired, please leave ## alert ##
    After the time is up they should be removed from the bot's timer list.

    I also want a .crash command so it will whisper all of those who are added to the bot and
    I also want it to log to a text file on who has been added and what time (full time/date) when it was started and when they were told to leave.

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