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  1. WC2BNE

    Posted 15 Feb 2019

    I haven't had a problem using WC2BNE key until just now

    06:49:34 PM] Connecting your bot...
    [06:49:34 PM] [BNLS] Connecting to the BNLS server at
    [06:49:34 PM] [BNLS] Connected!
    [06:49:35 PM] [BNLS] Authorized!
    [06:49:35 PM] [BNCS] Connecting to the server at
    [06:49:35 PM] [BNCS] Connected!
    [06:49:36 PM] [BNCS] Checking version...
    [06:49:37 PM] [BNCS] Reinstall Required: There is a new version of the software available, but you are unable to be automatically patched.Please completely un-install your game program,and get the newest installer from net/account/management/
    [06:49:37 PM] [BNCS] Version check failed! The version byte for this attempt was 0x4F. Extra Information:
    [06:49:37 PM] [BNLS] Error -- BNLS has not been updated yet, or you experienced an error. Try connecting again.
    [06:49:37 PM] [BNLS] Disconnected.
    [06:49:37 PM] Attempting to reconnect in 1 second...
    [06:49:37 PM] All connections closed.
  2. Work Around to get your bot back online

    Posted 5 Dec 2018

    Work Around to get your bot back online

    Select WCII enter the CD key and voila your back online

    N.B. Stealthbot will not work properly, but it's good to tell your ping on Bnet and if you Ladder like I do when you disappear, you know you have a game,
  3. Stealthbot isn't helping anymore?

    Posted 4 Dec 2018

    Stealthbot isn't helping anymore?

    I'm not having a go, I realise everyone has a life, but Pyro, it seems you have lost interest in helping people use Stealthbot, something I have been using for at least the last 16 years.

    Once again this is not a personal attack against anyone, I'm 53 and a Mum (Australian)

    I know a fair bit on how a PC works but scripting no idea/

    Pyro do you have anyone that helps you out? I have noticed over the years the decline of chat and help on the site.

    I will keep checking back on this site to see if someone can find a fix ......... Kudos to you Pyro for keeping this site at least open :)
  4. How to get SB V489 to accept an invite

    Posted 29 Sep 2018


    I'm running the latest V of stealthbot, and for the life of me, I cannot remember where to allow SB to accept clan invites
  5. Whisper Windows

    Posted 27 Sep 2018

    I've not made any changes to my bot, BUT after a restart of my PC, these whisper windows are filling up my task bar, would you be so kind as to tell me how to stp them?

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