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  1. In Topic: WC2BNE

    Posted 16 Feb 2019

    View Post Blah, on February 16, 2019 - 02:05 AM, said:

    I can confirm too that WC2BNE does not work. Connecting with the game client itself (freshly installed and patched) does not work either, it gives the same error.

    I kind of guessed it wouldn't work with a clean install of WC3 TFT, so glad now I didn't waste my time, but man it sucks!!

    [02:01: 25 PM] Connecting your bot...
    [02:01:25 PM] [BNLS] Connecting to the BNLS server at
    [02:01:26 PM] [BNLS] Connected!
    [02:01:26 PM] [BNLS] Authorized!
    [02:01:26 PM] [BNCS] Connecting to the server at
    [02:01:27 PM] [BNCS] Connected!
    [02:01:27 PM] [BNCS] Checking version...
    [02:01:29 PM] [BNCS] Client version accepted!
    [02:01:29 PM] [BNCS] Sending logon information...
    [02:01:29 PM] [BNCS] Logon successful.

    IDK wtf is going on, but it's now connecting with WC2BNE again!!
  2. In Topic: Work Around to get your bot back online

    Posted 18 Dec 2018

    View Post CaMsCo, on December 07, 2018 - 02:51 AM, said:

    Can't even find a place to buy one online.

    Have you tried ebay?

    I'm now 53 years young, I have been playing Warcraft since it's initial release in 1994 B)
  3. In Topic: Bnet update....

    Posted 3 Dec 2018

    Yes please what Pops said

    05:34:16 AM] Connecting your bot...
    [05:34:16 AM] [BNLS] Connecting to the BNLS server at
    [05:34:17 AM] [BNLS] Connected!
    [05:34:17 AM] [BNLS] Authorized!
    [05:34:17 AM] [BNCS] Connecting to the server at
    [05:34:17 AM] [BNCS] Connected!
    [05:34:18 AM] [BNCS] Checking version...
    [05:34:18 AM] [BNCS] Server signature validated!
    [05:34:19 AM] [BNCS] Version check failed! The version byte for this attempt was 0x1E. Extra Information: W3XP_IX86_1.30.2.11024.mpq
    [05:34:19 AM] [BNLS] Error -- BNLS has not been updated yet, or you experienced an error. Try connecting again.
    [05:34:19 AM] [BNLS] Disconnected.
    [05:34:19 AM] Attempting to reconnect in 1 second...
    [05:34:19 AM] All connections closed.
  4. In Topic: WarCraft 3 clan support broken

    Posted 29 Nov 2018

    Build 492

    Is buggy, it keeps crashing
  5. In Topic: How to get SB V489 to accept an invite

    Posted 5 Oct 2018

    I don't to appear an idiot because I'm not

    "but it should be under interface/chat settings. "

    Where exactly please, before the update, it was set accpt ivites

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