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  1. Resolved: Need some help finishing my script

    Posted 7 Jul 2010

    Hello again,

    Well I've followed the beginner and the intermediate tutorials on scripting and I have to say they're great, hands up for Ninja.

    Anyways, I wanted to make a new script for my bot, this script is based on one of Ping Gnomes old functions which is when you say gnome, the bot replies with something random. Now what I want to do is make it so when somebody types random (without the bots trigger), it takes a text from an array (meaning I can actually control what it says) and prints it out for the user. However I want the person to only be able to use this every 40 seconds.

    This is what I have come up with so far (Since I'm totally new to VB [I have worked in C++ and Delphi before] I have used most of other scripts to make my script hehe)
    Script("Name") = "Random"
    Script("Author") = "Magnitoo"
    Script("Major") = 1
    Script("Minor") = 0
    ) = 0
    ) = "Makes a random reply when someone types random"
    Private randomLastUse
    Private Const randomAntiSpam = 30
    Sub Event_Load()
        gnomeLastUse = Now-1
    End Sub
    Sub Event_UserTalk(Username, Flags, Message, Ping)
    '// This is where I want it to pick a random text from. I'm not sure if this is how you do it but yeah..
    Replies = Array("Well I don't belive it!", "If you add 2+2 and then subtract two divided by two plus two and subtract one you get zero.", "You  got served!")
    	If DateDiff("s", randomLastUse, Now) < randomAntiSpam Then Exit Sub
        End if
    	If Message = "random" Then
    '// Ok now I'm lost, I want it to pick a random reply from the Replies Array and print it out. After that I want to make it leave the channel but I know how to do that.

    That's basically it, any help is appreciated and any advice for me on how to do this in the future as always nice and appreciated.
    Best regards.
  2. Data Saving to a SQLite Database over time

    Posted 5 Jul 2010

    Hello thar,

    Let me just get started, basically what I'm interested in is if someone could make a script for me (StealthBot 2.7.1) that will save:

    - How long a player has been in a channel that bot is in. For example, if the bot was in Channel 123 and a player called Bob is also in the channel. After 13 minutes Bob leaves the channel and joins another channel. The stealthbot then enters the channel that bob is in by any chance and sees bob for 2 mins. After a few days the SB sees bob in Channel 123 and says that he has been seen in channel 123 for 13 mins, not 15 [even if the SB has seen him for a total of 15 min]
    - What the average ping of the player is. basically it takes the ping from logon of the user and adds it to the other pings of the same user. It then adds up all the pings of the user and calculates the arithmetical center and saves it to a different collum in the SQLite Database.
    - Where the player is from. Basically it just sees the user and saves where the user is from to a SQLite Database.
    - If a player types -avping it displays his average ping
    - When a player types -totaltime it displays the total time of the player in the channel that the player is in at the moment he types the command.

    If it's possible to save all this data to a SQLite database which can easily be opened and viewed. If SQLite is too hard it can always be a MySQL or a MicrosoftSQL database.

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