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  1. In Topic: Spam: From: StealthBot 2.7 Development Build 488

    Posted 18 Aug 2020

    A glucophone is a vibration of bluster, reserved unmoved, compatibility filling a space. The special processing and the relationship of hemispheres, petals (notes) and resonator gives an extremely rolling in it palette of overtones. The deficiency of keen euphonious sense gravity makes any melodiousness that was played, harmoniously. In addition, the glucophone emits a giant amount of vibrating ultrasonic emission, which spiritually and physically charges the space. The union exhibition last wishes as create a unique relationship among the participants of glucophony. Generous glucophones with a diameter of 30 cm, a thickness of steel is 3 mm, bass with a occult extensive sound. Includes sticks.

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  2. In Topic: Spam: From: StealthBot 2.7 Development Build 488

    Posted 27 Jan 2020

    Thanks On vacation now, heading to the Dennis Cruise tonight for the first time. The photographer gave all the pics away for free to the car owners by the way... he was just having some practice I guess.
  3. In Topic: Merry Festivus!

    Posted 22 Jan 2020

    Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays to all the IPTV members, mods and guests May season be filled with Joy family and loved ones. Drive safe
  4. In Topic: [LESS AWESOME] Stealthbot BNLS server question [SAUCE]

    Posted 8 Dec 2019

    K3 1258MKII on the semote site. But I run this staton on a cabin without powerline. All goes with photovoltaik so I want to run the server on the control site.
    Is that possible?

    arno oe9amj, 73

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