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  1. can stealthbot work on windows iot

    Posted 9 Mar 2019

    was wondering if I could Host stealth bot on a windows Iot Rasberry or if I could do it with rasbutan with Rasberry Pie setup.

    Thank you very much.
  2. iso help with stealthbot setup

    Posted 8 Mar 2019

    alright ive used stealthbot on and off for over a decade. however since someone has used this for more than I. looking for someone to teamviewer over or make the files ahead of time for me.

    also looking for a script that switchs channels - I thought there was one if not its okay

    but there was a script that if you had bot doing greet messages it would limit the amount of possible greets in a time frame so you didn't flood yourself.

    looking for that to be done and can pay some hrs items or $ possibly.

    thank you.

    add my discord: agent42#1822

    shouldn' t be hard but id rather not spend 30 mins figuring it out when someone knows and can do it in 5 or 10.

    :) directly add me to discord instead of replying here I might not check

    DISCORD: agent42#1822 <-- all lower case

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