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  1. In Topic: Website Going Down

    Posted 17 Sep 2019

    View Post joe x86, on April 03, 2011 - 02:55 AM, said:

    stealth |stelθ|
    cautious and surreptitious action or movement

    ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense [theft] ): probably representing an Old English word related to steal , + -th 2 .

    LMFAO! Here I am Reading this old Thread and this whole entire time I am thinking and assuming that we're all talking about an old Member who became Inactive or something wtf.
  2. In Topic: WarCraft 3

    Posted 17 Sep 2019

    View Post joe x86, on July 20, 2019 - 12:44 AM, said:

    I think it still works. It was last committed to just over a month ago. Should stay working unless the API changes.

    Does this mean only Diablo II CD-Keys can be used?
  3. In Topic: My Unnofficial Retirement

    Posted 12 Sep 2019

    I know that this is a very old Post. I thought I would say Thank You for all the time and effort you put in over the years I've used Stealthbot Thank You.
  4. In Topic: Diablo 2

    Posted 7 Sep 2019

    Are you sure that with all the Bots being Banned that are all MF and Baal Bots etc. compared to Stealthbot will my Diablo II CD-Key be Safe from being Banned unlike using something such as the Kolbot that seems to working (for now at least) with the people that use Bots for Magic Finding Gear and Leveling up Characters through Baal/Chaos runs?

    I am only asking since it clearly states ANY 3rd Party Program is a potential Ban. Essentially my question is has anyone who used this "Newish" Diablo II CD-Key Fixed for Stealthbot 3rd Party Program with it have got the CD-Key they used for the Diablo II Stealthbot Fix. is stepping up their Game when it comes to getting rid of Spam Bots and in Game MF/Baal or Chaos running Bots as of recently in 2019 and I'm hearing talk of remaking Diablo II in 2020?
  5. In Topic: Who Pays For This Forum these Days? God Bless whoever it is though!

    Posted 24 Aug 2019

    Who Pays for this Website as of now in August 23rd 2019. I don't believe there is a huge influx of Donations if is getting any Donations to help pay for the Website at all. If someone is Donating to and or whoever is paying for the Server Fees to keep this Forum up and running Thank You.

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27 years old
May 11, 1993
I mostly watch Movies And T.V. shows these Days. I am trying to play more video games these days on my computer and console games both.

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    Apr 18 2019 - 00:15
    Google Warcraft II Combat-Edition Multiplayer Online Free Download. It has a Server that has a lot of active players daily like minimum of 40 Players online daily and normally easily 120-150+ Players playing on this Publicly Available Non Official Warcraft II BNE Server with Free Multiplayer Online Client Download Single Player separately Downloadable. Any people who want to play WC2 for Nostalgia
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