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  1. In Topic: Resolved: "Version check failed!" Issue

    Posted 18 Apr 2019

    Does this only fix Diablo II or can I Download and put this in my Stealthbot Folder and have it work for the Warcraft III CD-Keys or can I only use Diablo II CD-Keys. I had my old WC2 CD-Key Written on a peace of paper and now I fucking lost it and I believe I read somewhere that this fix does not work for the Warcraft II BNE CD-Keys and they no longer work for Stealthbot probably because the Game's Multiplayer Servers have been Shut Down so Blizzard must of Disabled or fucked with the damn WC2 CD-Keys too... or something happened to make them unusable on Stealthbot unless I am incorrect about that issue that is.
  2. In Topic: Old forum

    Posted 19 Mar 2019

    ^ I think anywhere still using these Forums would indeed take the time to read everything.

    I realize this thread is like almost 2 years old now but figured I'd post a reply anyways while I am on the Forums lol.
  3. In Topic: iso help with stealthbot setup

    Posted 19 Mar 2019

    I am planning to make a post in the technical support sub-forum which is probably a better place for this question to be asked... then again the Forum is barely active.
  4. In Topic: K.

    Posted 19 Mar 2019

    I'm Game! =D that's an old saying from the 90's "I'm Game" rofl makes me laugh every time I say it out loud.
  5. In Topic: WC2BNE

    Posted 26 Feb 2019

    Hmm shitty... I lost my old WC2BNE CD-Key that I had Written down somewhere unfortunately. It is the only truly handy CD-Key for Me to use being a Game that has a Multiplayer Remake Client of it, Warcraft II Combat-Edition.

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I mostly watch Movies And T.V. shows these Days. I am trying to play more video games these days on my computer and console games both.

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    Apr 18 2019 - 00:15
    Google Warcraft II Combat-Edition Multiplayer Online Free Download. It has a Server that has a lot of active players daily like minimum of 40 Players online daily and normally easily 120-150+ Players playing on this Publicly Available Non Official Warcraft II BNE Server with Free Multiplayer Online Client Download Single Player separately Downloadable. Any people who want to play WC2 for Nostalgia
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