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  1. Need quick help..

    Posted 29 Jan 2019

    Is there any bcp translations for ger/spa and french? my current bcp 2.0.6 that I am running is currently only working for English versions of Diablo II

  2. Help with SB (d2hotfix)

    Posted 17 Jan 2019

    Hello, I got my Stealthbot Build 492 (d2hotfix) up and running, its standing in my channel, no error occured as earlier..

    well I have noticed a little problem that, even tho I have the bot added on my fl and have put my account as owner, and added myself as admin through User Database Manager, I still can't gain access to the bot as for commands as !whoami etc..

    and Also I can't seem to add scripts to the new hotfix? If i enter the old exe, All my scripts (bcp, trivia etc) is being loaded without any further problems.
    but when I open the hotfix exe, the scripts wont load and I can't understand why?..

    [11:45:59] Connecting your bot...
    [11:45:59] [BNLS] Connecting to the BNLS server at
    [11:45:59] [BNLS] Connected!
    [11:45:59] [BNLS] Authorized!
    [11:45:59] [BNCS] Connecting to the server at
    [11:45:59] [BNCS] Connected to!
    [11:46:00] [BNCS] Checking version...
    [11:46:00] [BNCS] Client version accepted!
    [11:46:00] [BNCS] Sending logon information...
    [11:46:01] [BNCS] Logon successful.
    [11:46:01] [BNCS] Logged on as Circus using Diablo II (Open character).
    [11:46:01] Account Created: 2/22/2018, 19:20:47 ( time)
    [11:46:01] Last Logon: 1/17/2019, 10:46:00 ( time)
    [11:46:01] Last Logoff: 1/17/2019, 10:45:57 ( time)
    [11:46:01] Time Logged: 273 days, 4 hours, 56 minutes, and 29 seconds
    [11:46:01] -- Joined channel: op circus --
    [11:46:01] -- Circus is now a channel operator.
    [11:46:01] <From # Email Service #> Note: Email on record is [di*************[email protected]]
    [11:46:07] Scripts loaded: 0 enabled of 0 total.

    Is anybody able to figure this out for me? Ive tried diffrent things for atleast 3hours, and still no access to the bot..

    when I add someone to safelist thats in my channel I get an error following this message: [11:48:16] That is not a valid command. Type /help or /? for more info.

    Im really grateful for any type of help leading to some kind of understanding ^^
  3. Scripting runtime error #13 in plugin system

    Posted 20 Apr 2018

    [11:07:43] [BCP] BCP 2.0 by IAreConnection: Loaded 1 profiles. (0.14ms)
    [11:07:43] SnapNmanlove69s Trivia. Version 0.849 Release loaded with 0 users in the DB
    [11:07:53] <Logical.> !login
    [11:07:53] Scripting runtime error #13 in PluginSystem: (line 526; column 0)
    [11:07:53] Inkompatibla typer: 'GetDBEntry'
    [11:07:53] Scripting runtime error #13 in PluginSystem: (line 526; column 0)
    [11:07:53] Inkompatibla typer: 'GetDBEntry'

    and as soon as somebody types in channel this message came up;
    [11:15:23] Scripting runtime error '13' on "bcp_Event_UserTalk" call in file "bcpBaal.plug"
    [11:15:23] Inkompatibla typer.

    any ideas? on whats wrong?

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