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  1. Valhalla Legends forum is back up

    Posted 25 Apr 2011

    For those who gave up on the vL forums ever coming back, it's time to ungiveup. Myst_DooM is running them now, though I don't quite know why.

    http://forum.valhallalegends. com/
  2. Obnoxious ads..

    Posted 25 Apr 2011

    These are kind of obnoxious ads. I can see them being really confusing to new users who come here to download StealthBot. Perhaps they should be reported to Google? They obviously are in pretty bad taste.

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  3. Website Going Down

    Posted 1 Apr 2011

    Due to the lack of development and interest lately, the website will be going down in a few weeks so Stealth can spend his money on college instead. I'm sorry to bring you this bad news.
  4. From TID 5038

    Posted 25 Sep 2010

    View Post PhiX, on 24 September 2010 - 05:48 PM, said:

    StealthBot v2.7 does work on PvPGN servers. You just have to know what you're doing. And it's not our problem that you are using the bot on a server that is not supported on this site.

    Use the latest stable version and an official server and you will receive full support for it.

    Thanks for repeating with TBN said, then adding useless information. I think they know about the official servers already.
  5. Technical Support FAQ

    Posted 6 Apr 2010

    Stupid Questions - they do exist

    help plx..
    For the love of all that is good, please do not post a thread like this.

    My bot doesn't work..
    That's great. Ours does. Perhaps if you give us more detail, it'll set ours apart from yours.

    Will you help me load a channel?

    How about flood?


    The bot doesn't respond to any of my commands!
    Have you given yourself access?

    Can I load multiple SteathBots?
    Through use of the launcher, you can load as many bots as you'd like. Note that limits you to 8 connections per IP address, which means anyone sharing your internet connection, and rapid connection is grounds for an IP ban and even CD-Key bans. Unless you have a very good reason to connect 8 times at once, I probably wouldn't do it.

    Is there a tab interface?

    CD-Key Questions

    Why does StealthBot want my CD-Key?
    Your CD-Key is needed to authenticate with

    But you're going to steal it!
    No, we're not.

    I don't believe you!

    Can I connect StealthBot to without a CD-Key?

    Why not?
    See the first question.

    Can I connect StealthBot using the same key as my game?
    Yes, but not while the game is connected.

    Can you give me..
    No. Go buy one like everyone else.

    Bot Versions

    My 2.6 doesn't work anymore. Help me fix it!
    No. Use 2.7. Why do you think 2.7 was made if we wanted you using 2.6?

    Please! I want 2.6!

    It says my version is disabled!
    If you're using 2.6, upgrade. If you're using 2.7 with an Asian language, run StealthBot with AppLocale, a free utility from Microsoft. If you're using 2.7 and not with an Asian language, or AppLocale doesn't work for you, then post a thread here.

    Scripting Issues

    My 2.6 script doesn't work anymore!
    You can request that a script from 2.6 be converted to the new format here. Be sure you check in this thread to see if it's already been converted, or The-Black-Ninja will slap you, and I heard she hits hard for a girl.

    Can you help me fix my 2.6 while I wait for my script to be converted?


    Does StealthBot run on Linux?
    This is unsupported. Some have had success in Wine, and some have had the bot crash and burn. If it works, awesome, but if it doesn't.. well, it probably won't. I'd suggest JavaOp.

    Does StealtBot run on Mac OS X?
    See the above question, but using Darwine, the Mac OS X port of Wine.

    Does StealtBot run on Mac OS X 9 or earlier?
    I'd say when pigs fly, but, you know.. swine flu.

    Does StealthBot run on Windows 95/98?
    I don't actually know. Try it!

    Is there a StealthBot for iPhone, Android, etc?
    No. StealthBot is written in Visual Basic 6, which is a very non-portable language. Porting the code to run on a smartphone would be more difficult than writing a bot from the ground up.

    If you've gotten this far and your question hasn't been answered, now is the time to post a thread, with all the relevant details you can provide. Thank you for helping us help you by reading this thread.

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Emergency Programmer Hologram
28 years old
September 25, 1990
Madison, WI
IT Programming and Analysis student at Madison Area Technical College
Programming experience in Visual Basic, C#, Java, and PHP.

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