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  1. arc script issues

    Posted 30 Jan 2019

    Is the arc still working? It seems like it works sometimes.. but then most of the time not.
    Like I just checked my pc at 11am and it's been d/c since 3am.

    [03:37:49 AM] [BNCS] Disconnected.

    nothing other than that and no attempt to reconnect either.

    E: uploaded the file but it's not here now?
    Pasting it formats it all funky.


    '&Auto-Reconnect Plugin:ZergMaster
    '//Added ClearQue (Thanks badimo) ~ Snap

    Sub Arc_Event_Load()
    Call SetSetting("Arc" , "ReconnectTime", "60", "Set this to change the delay between each time it tries to reconnect you. In seconds.", False)
    Call SetSetting("Arc" , "ReconnectWhenOnline" , False, "Set this to have it reconnect even when currently online.", False)
    Arc_Time = GetSetting("Arc" , "ReconnectTime")
    If IsNumeric(Arc_Time) Then
    Arc_Seconds = CInt(Arc_Time)
    Arc_Seconds = 60
    Call SSC.AddChat(vbRed, "Invalid reconnect time found: " & Arc_Time & "! Reset to 60 seconds.")
    Call SetSetting("Arc" , "ReconnectTime", "60", "", True)
    End If
    Call TimerInterval("Arc" , "Reconnect", Arc_Seconds)
    Call TimerEnabled("Arc" , "Reconnect", True)
    End Sub

    Sub Arc_Reconnect_Timer()
    Arc_Time = GetSetting("Arc" , "ReconnectTime")
    If IsNumeric(Arc_Time) Then
    If CInt(Arc_Time) <> CInt(GetTimerWaiting(" Arc", "Reconnect")) Then
    Arc_Seconds = CInt(Arc_Time)
    Call TimerInterval("Arc" , "Reconnect", Arc_Seconds)
    End If
    Call SSC.AddChat(vbRed, "Invalid reconnect time found: " & Arc_Time & "! Reset to 60 seconds.")
    Call SetSetting("Arc" , "ReconnectTime", "60", "", True)
    Call TimerInterval("Arc" , "Reconnect", 60)
    End If
    If SSC.IsOnline() = False Or GetSetting("Arc" , "ReconnectWhenOnline" ) = True Then
    Call SSC.AddChat(vbYellow, "The Auto-Reconnect Plugin is connecting your bot...")
    Call Command(BotVars.Username, "/cq", True)
    Call SSC.Connect()
    End If
    End Sub
  2. Can't connect with d2 now?

    Posted 5 Jan 2019

    Idk what happened, I was able to connect just fine after the bnet update this morning, then randomly like 30 min ago, I'm unable to re-connect.

    [04:45:08 PM] [BNLS] Error! BNLS has failed CheckRevision. Please check your bot's settings and try again.
    [04:45:08 PM] [BNLS] Product: D2DV.
    [04:45:08 PM] All connections closed.

    I've tried and
  3. Iso help /w "Using Diablo 2 Realms"

    Posted 13 Feb 2018

    Having issues enabling the "Use Diablo II Realms" feature in the "Basic Setup" section of bot settings via SB 2.7 manager.
    I have it enabled and and still being shown/logging in as if I was on open
    Anyone encountered anything similar and resolved it or a moderator/troubleshooter happen to know this as a common occurrence?
    Any info appreciated as I'm too impatient for testing this shit

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Junior Member
32 years old
March 15, 1987
Citrus Heights, California
D2/D3, Pokemon, Saltwater Tanks ~

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