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  1. In Topic: [LESS AWESOME] SB Status - [SAUCE]

    Posted 16 Jul 2019

    With the excuse of "nobody plays diablo 2 Warcraft III or Starcraft anymore" gone with the remasters of 2 of the games and an update to another. Isn't it time you made some effort?
    start a gofundme or paetron and I and several others would love to make it worth your effort.
    I expect a GIANT influx of activity with Warcraft 3 Reforge release.
    Minecraft bro? Really?
    How the mighty have fallen!
  2. In Topic: WarCraft 3

    Posted 15 Jul 2019

    Any chance you will be working more on the chatapi? capidaptor
  3. In Topic: Diablo 2 connection issue (D2 hotfix)

    Posted 3 May 2019

    Is your cd key unregistered on website? it must be in order to work.
  4. In Topic: is sb ganna get fixed

    Posted 18 Dec 2018

    View Post Evster, on December 18, 2018 - 03:14 AM, said:

    Luckily I just renewed my chars before the updates.. But It's only a matter of time before I'll lost it again. I have my chieftain loaded on the bnet api garbo. Which lets you do nothing but chat, then its loaded on the actual game as well.
    I would love to keep using stealthbot, I've been using it for YEARS /w bcp for lvling channels.

    On a side not.. is there not a proxy that will let you connect to d2 on stealthbot? I either get stuck on "checking versions" or something like "NO SPAWNING"

    E: NO Spawning might be the unclaimed cd keys I think? Lost so many of those..

    I highly suggest not using any proxy connection with diablo 2 product, as that results in a restriction or "IP BAN" with possible cd key restrictions
    To login with diablo 2 product the cd key must not be registered on
    Warcraft 2 and diablo 2 are the only working products atm.
    IF anyone knows where to buy Warcraft 2 cd keys i'd love to know.
  5. In Topic: is sb ganna get fixed

    Posted 16 Dec 2018

    Stealthbot has still has a loyal following, it has been the go to bot for a lot us throughout the ages.
    Most projects have to build a userbase, this one already has one.
    It seems it would be a giant shame to waste such an asset.
    I vote for you to massively overhaul stealthbot.

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    Jul 16 2019 - 21:05
    the one and only :)! sup dude! :D
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