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  1. API

    Posted 17 Mar 2020

    Hey sorry to bother you again, but im wondering about the API bot and the capiadapter....are they working correctly? i cannot connect my API bot however SB all look like they are this something you can hav a look at thanks again for your help

    [09:58:24] Connecting your bot...
    [09:58:24] [BNLS] Connecting to the BNLS server at
    [09:58:24] [BNLS] Connected!
    [09:58:24] [BNLS] Authorized!
    [09:58:24] [BNCS] Connecting to the server at localhost...
    [09:58:24] [BNCS] Connected to!
    [09:58:25] [BNCS] Client version accepted!
    [09:58:25] [BNCS] Sending logon information...
    [09:58:25] [BNCS] Error #10053 -- Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure
    [09:58:25] [BNCS] Disconnected.
  2. Connection issues

    Posted 25 Feb 2020

    I think your servers need to be rest.....stealth will not connect today...thnx pyro!
  3. Connection issues

    Posted 15 Jan 2020

    Good morning..stealthbot is not connecting to bnet today...happened early this morning....can you please have a look and see whats going on ...thank you
  4. Connection issues

    Posted 28 Oct 2019

    Sooo has bnet broken stealthbot logins??? my stealth seems to connect to the BNLS but goes no this a stealth issue or a bnet issue...any help is appreciated, thank you

    ok connected now....nvm hehe
  5. Bnet update....

    Posted 3 Dec 2018

    So bnet did an update today...and it seems that the BNLS needs to be updated as well....can someone look into this please....thank you

    Opppps sorry for the multiple posts

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