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Thomas The One Who Is Judged And Hated Beyond All Belief.
Icon   manlove69 Currently Trying To Set Up My StealthBot to Full Function Without The Help Of Moderators That Dissaprove My Posts........ Seriously? Damn Kids Trollin

About Me

Stealthbot if it continues to piss off people like Eric is will be ripped to shreads before it naturally dies. If this shit hole was not about to die... I would be inclined to make it die and fuck some of the shit heads low-life Replying Losers having there life fucked sideways.

No U-Turns in Life chose your path carefully shit4brains Eric seems to be main cause for problems on these Forums. This place was never ever such a hostile and negative Forum. LOSING MEMBERS DUE TO AN OLD SYSTEM SHOULD NOT BE AN EXCUSE TO BE acting like a baby dropped on their REPEATEDLY on the head and breast fed until age 9 rofl.

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Reviver Of Dead Topics
26 years old
May 11, 1993

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    Eric Icon

    Dec 12 2015 - 08:12
    Yo. You suck bro.
  2. Photo

    Eric Icon

    Sep 30 2015 - 03:48
    We miss you.
  3. Photo

    Eric Icon

    Sep 20 2015 - 18:46
    Your comment has been approved.
  4. Photo

    manlove69 Icon

    Sep 17 2015 - 01:44
    For Real? ^^
  5. Photo

    Eric Icon

    Sep 13 2015 - 16:56
  6. Photo

    manlove69 Icon

    Sep 10 2015 - 04:16
    I can Not Post anymore Topics WTF!
  7. Photo

    manlove69 Icon

    Jun 10 2015 - 19:58
    Wow NEVER EVER SEEN A Access to the Website Abuse By Sorry Excuse For A Moderator. MODERATOR SET MY OWN PROFILE DEAD OR ALIVE FORUM WEBSITE ALSO.... I NEVER EVER EVEN KNEW MODERATORS COULD BE SO Childish And Wrong And Seriously Something is Mentally Wrong with YOU ARE ONE SICK PERSON!
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