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  1. How to send message to chat properly?

    Posted 5 May 2019

    When i just typing messages to chat manually from keyboard, they are being appeared on the server.

    But when i try to do that from script, i got a problem: 1-st message appears on the server, and 2-nd never appears. Or if my 1-st message looks too long or w/e, is never appears itself.
    After that looks like my account becomes "muted". Messages never appeared anymore.
    I used AddQ function for that.

    I think the problem is related with AddQ function, some logic server not supports or w/e.

    Is there any way to send "raw" message, same as when i send it from keybord to chat?
    I don't need any queues, any colors, just a simple message to send to server. Server is some kind of bnet, i don't know, but not pvpgn.
  2. Bot catches my admin commands

    Posted 18 Jun 2014

    So, i'm a server admin and when i use the game to use commands it works fine.

    But when i try to do that from stealthbot, if catches my command and returns an error.

    I use a bot as a text chat client.
    For example: i use: /ipban list

    Bot answers: "The bot does not currently have ops."
    No any command being sent to bnet-server. (In pvpgn-server logs)

    When i do the same using a blizzard game, that works fine.

    I tried to set my privileges for bot to 200, i tried to set requred level for ipban command to 1, nothing helps.

    I used previous version, deleted a file like 'commands.xml' or w/e, and commands began to work fine.
    Now i cant start a version lower than 2.7 under win7, but removing the files not working.

    I don't need any .commands or catch any /commands, i just want to have a good chat better than telnet. To transfer my admin commands to bnet-server.
    So, i just want to use /ipban or w/e commands and be sure if will be transferred to server without any "smart" checks. How?

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